30th birthday celebration pendant

Nancy celebrated her 30th anniversary of hers last week, and her boyfriend was looking for the perfect gift for her .. a custom made pendant was the answer!
Keep reading so you know the story.
Champagne was the central theme, what better than this drink to represent the celebration! Its bubbles, soft color, sweet taste, emotion, maximum celebration ...
Thus the design began, looking for elements that will represent the number 3 and finding that cephalopods are the only animals with 3 hearts (hence analyzing the shape and silhouette). How interesting, right ?! Three hearts!
And now yes! after looking for stones, materials, shapes, experimenting, reviewing art books and references that will help me to materialize the concept ... to work in the workshop!
The final result: pendant and chain in silver .925 with 24K gold bath, 3 champagne quartz and 27 granules in silver and gold (added up to 30 "bubbles"). I present you the sketch and the final piece.
I was very excited to be part of Nancy's 30s !!! a great moment, worth celebrating with a Veuve Clicquot!
custom-design gold pendant quartz silver

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