Tino & Lorena - Engagement Ring and Personalized Earrings

Engagement ring in satin white gold with a mirror finish inside; with
diamond in the center.
Two elements that come together, speed and detail,
blur and detail. They are the perfect complement, united.
The connection between two souls. Communication of impressions.
It is talking about two souls with different frequency, joining threads
vibrating energy. And that very particular way they do it
determines what we are, what they are.
A small laurel emerging from a rough, perforated and amorphous surface, complementing the satin geometry. He who offers her eternal love.
This beautiful engagement ring was complemented by a pair of wedding rings as unique as the couple for whom they were made.
Anillo de Compromiso anillos de boda Crea tu Propia Joya Diamante Diseños Personalizados Zafiro

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