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Cómo Recibir el Solsticio de Verano

Desde tiempos remotos, la humanidad ha visto el solsticio de verano como uno de sus acontecimientos astronómicos más relevantes. Representa la cosecha, la abundancia y la fertilidad, siempre...

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Aguamarina: Piedra del Mes de Marzo

Desde la antigüedad, a la Aguamarina se le ha conocido como “La Piedra del Marinero”. Según las leyendas, el aguamarina se formaba en lo más profundo del...

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Zombie Wedding Rings!

How to design a pair of horror-themed wedding rings !? Eddie is an American sound engineer, who is dedicated to touring around the world with...

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Guide to Choosing Gemstones

What stone is ideal for my engagement ring? Will it hold up to daily use? How will I know how much I have to invest...

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Salt & Pepper Diamonds

One of the hallmarks of Ikcha jewelry is the use of Salt & Pepper Diamonds. They are unique, accessible and of a wild beauty that...

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Alexandrite - The Stone of Transformation

Described as the stone that is "emerald by day and ruby ​​by night"; Alexandrite is known as the stone of transformation, for its wonderful property...

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What does it mean to wear a ring on each finger?

You've probably heard that wearing a ring has a different meaning on each finger. The ring can communicate to others from your marital status, to...

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What makes us unique?

We are constantly being asked how we are different and why some of our products cost more than traditional jewelry. What mainly differentiates us is...

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How to Take Care of Silver

The silver that we use in Ikcha is Sterling Silver or .925 Silver, which means that it is composed of 92.5% silver and the rest...

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