Amber Birthday

José Luis loves to go hiking, and some time ago he brought from Chiapas (the cradle of precious amber) a raw amber that he began to clean and shape; polish and let out that orange beauty with shades of sepia and nectar yellow.
To celebrate Rosalía's birthday (we don't say number), José Luis decided that it was time to give life to amber from Chiapas. So, at Ikcha, we started working on the design of Rosalía's pendant.
Inspiration comes from Tabasco (her birthplace) and cocoa, extracting their shapes and textures.
It was a high volume piece! almost like a crown, which took a lot of work to weld and granulate (the technique of all those little silver balls).
I love the colors the metal takes after the welding process !!
Here then the final design. A piece of patinated silver .925 with silver and bronze grains, attached to Chiapas amber by means of rivets. 925 silver chain.
Happy birthday Rosalia!
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