Aurora & Manuel - A surprise engagement ring

How do you give a surprise ring ... when your girlfriend works in the jewelry store where they are doing it !?
I will write this post in the first person, since it is my story after all!
Engaged or married women who read this will not let me lie: you tell the story of how they gave you the ring dozens of times, because everyone wants to know. But, you are rarely asked how the ring itself came to be ... and that's a very interesting part in this case.
Manuel knew two things with great certainty: that he wanted to give a personalized and unique design, and that the stone was not a classic diamond. His journey began by searching for the stone, a process that took him months. He was looking for a sapphire, because it symbolizes loyalty. What made searching for him difficult is that he wanted a very specific shade of blue, "that was no lighter than his eyes," he told the provider, who in addition to giving him a 3-hour lecture on sapphires, spent a long time searching .
During this time, without knowing that Manuel was already up to something, I sent my resume to Ikcha, and this is where things get complicated. Elisa had to call my boyfriend to tell him that they wanted to hire me, but that it was going to complicate the ring process a bit, since I would be in the workshop full time ... but they decided to continue with the project, with everything and difficulties.
For Elisa and Abraham they were months of hiding the stone, speaking in code, talking to each other on WhatsApp (while sitting at the same table), and inventing a thousand stories so that I would not suspect anything. They even sent false emails between them and Manuel in case I read something ... but in reality I never suspected anything (yes, that clueless!). Until, one fine day in August, the ring was finished.
They tell me that Manuel's hands were shaking when he opened the box ... and I imagine it perfect, because he trembled the same the night he finally gave it to me, at a beautiful dinner in a restaurant on the top of Monterrey, with a spectacular sight.
he gave it to Me in a huge cardboard box, with Ikcha's packaging inside, under a layer of little pieces of paper. I knew what it was since I dipped my hand into the papers and felt the brand's packaging, since that packaging is my design and I know it with my eyes closed.
I love my ring! Vines that rise in a geometric base, the base symbolizes firmness and strength, and the vines were chosen by him because they are the plants that par excellence find their way to flourish despite obstacles. Sapphire, as he had mentioned, is the stone of loyalty, and by pure chance (he and I found out later), it is the stone of the engagement rings of my Italian ancestors.
Funny how I went from being a Jewelery Diploma student, to an employee and a client in a few months. Thanks for being part of my story!
- Aurora
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