Full Moon Night in the Mountains - Wedding Rings

On April 27, 2013, Chivis and Brito will say yes, after two years of dating.
They met on the Internet, they enjoy dogs and climbing. They really like the aesthetics of the Native American Indians and the one they remember the most is the first camping trip they did in Huasteca (Monterrey, Mexico) accompanied by a full moon.
La Huasteca (Photo by Carlos Velazco)
Inspiration Collage sent by the bride and groom
With all that information, the conceptualization process began.
They needed "heavy duty" rings since they usually go climbing and wanted them to be in .925 silver.
We worked with the concept of mountains; its monumentality and strength. An open ring that ends at both ends with 2 pillars (approaching each other and in different sizes) representing him and her, joining at the end of the route.
The pillars also represent the strength and structure of the mountains, impossible to defeat. They are surrounded by a "mountain range", adorned with a "sky" in low-relief patinated silver. The organic is framed with a polished silver border.
The moon, who accompanies them, is a turquoise reminiscent of the Native American Indians.
So after the approval of the concept ... we got to work at the jeweler's table!
And here they are finished, the pair of wedding rings that will be used as a symbol of love and promise to be together.
Wedding rings in .925 silver with turquoise bezel mounted, mirror finish and blued in low reliefs.
Thank you Chivis and Brito for letting us be part of your story and turning your emotions into a piece of jewelry that will be with you forever!
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