Citrine: Stone of the Month for November

Since time immemorial, Citrine has been associated with the sun, the gods and abundance. Due to its energetic properties, its qualities and its warm color, it has been used in various ways throughout history; being today one of the favorites of Ikcha designs.

It is one of the stones of the month of November and is known as the Stone of Abundance. It is related to the solar plexus chakra, which is linked to financial success and personal self-realization. In addition, it is believed that it is capable not only of attracting, but of maintaining and encouraging generosity.

It is also known as the Merchants' Stone, which is why many merchants keep citrines in their cash registers to attract abundance.

Myriad bracelet

What is Citrine?

  • Citrine belongs to the quartz family. As such, it has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which measures scratch resistance.
  • The name comes from the French citron "lemon".
  • Natural Citrine is relatively rare. In the interior of the Earth it is formed after the heating of Amethyst, its violet colored sister stone. It is also usually obtained artificially by exposing amethysts to heat to obtain their yellow / orange color.

Rutilated Quartz and Citrine Scarab Ring

In History:

  • In Celtic culture, citrine was related to the goddess Dana, the goddess of the sun. She was the universal mother, symbolizing rivers, water, wells, wind and prosperity, so citrine was used to represent and honor her.
  • Beginning in the 17th century in Scotland, large crystals from the citrine stone were used to make dagger hilts, which today are found in important museums, more beautiful. They also used this stone for pins on their kilts and for men.

R H B Kirkwood - Sgian dubh dagger with silver handle and citrine quartz - Length: 19'8cm - Edinburgh (Scotland)

  • In times of war between England and Scotland, the Scots held their plaid, a kind of cape made of wool with a clasp made of silver and citrine extracted from the granite mountains of Cairngorm, eastern Scotland. If the warrior died in battle, whoever found his body should give him a worthy burial paid for with the brooch.

Benefits and Properties:

  • At the Energy Level : It is a powerful cleanser and revitalizer. It is one of the gems that never needs to be cleaned energetically since it absorbs, transmutes and dissipates negative energy.
  • At the Emotional Level : It revitalizes the mind and is excellent for fighting depression, fears and phobias.

Sundrop Earrings

  • On a Physical Level : It is an invigorating stone. In addition, it helps people who are sensitive to the environment. Citrine stone helps to stimulate the digestive system. This energy crystal is also recommended for people suffering from degenerative diseases, urinary infections, thyroid and circulation problems. This stone is an elixir for women, as it helps them control the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.
  • On a Psychological Level : Increases confidence and removes self-destructive tendencies. It makes you less sensitive to criticism and encourages the exploration of new possibilities.

How to take advantage of the properties of Citrine

I said Nymph with Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz and Citrine

  • There is a belief that whoever wears citrine on a ring or necklace (in contact with the skin) is freed from resentments and emotional inconveniences
  • According to Feng Shui, this rock is synonymous with joie de vivre, optimism and clarity in actions
  • Citrine earrings help to verbalize thoughts and emotions, making them ideal for people engaged in business, public speaking and teaching.

Which of the Ikcha designs with Citrine is your favorite? The Myriad bracelet, the Sundrop earrings, the Scarab ring or the Nymph pendant?

If you want to know about the other stones of each month, visit our Blog entry: Birthstones .
Birthstone Citrino Gemas Piedra del Mes

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  • A mi hija de 9 años su padre le regalo una lámpara de citrino(algo,grande)me he dado cuenta que transpira un líquido,que no se que es,mire algunos videos de como limpiar este cuarso y no coincide con su información.podria aclarar mis dudas?

    Elizabeth Moncada Tellez on

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