Seahorse Ring

How to express unconditional love in a ring? The promise that I'll be with you forever?

Heriberto is Lucia's boyfriend, they have lived together for a couple of years and, for her birthday that falls in April, he wanted to give him the perfect gift: promise her eternal love ...
He did not want a ring that was traditionally related to an engagement ring, it was rather a symbol made of casual jewelry that enclosed and represented the promise that he makes to her every day to love her and be together unconditionally.

The challenge was great! But we love to represent stories with jewelry. So after analyzing various paths before designing, I was reminded of seahorses, one of the few monogamous animals within the animal kingdom. Usually they only have one partner in their life, when one of them dies, the other hopes to die soon and does not look for a partner again. Which I find beautiful!
They dance (here a link where you can see it), their tails intertwine, they sail the sea together, conquering each other and promising to be unconditional.

Photo taken by Tony Welch (
Also. Since ancient times, the Greeks have endowed this animal with much meaning. It is said that the carriage of Poseidon, the king of the sea, was guided by seahorses, representing strength and patience.

And, that's how the concept began to come to life and many proposals were drawn.
The chosen one is the one you see below; where the structure of the plates protect the love that is represented in this ring, which grows and adorns itself with the moments lived and to live, marking a stamp of initials that ensure unconditional love.

Below, some photos of the process in the workshop, bending, melting, welding and polishing Heriberto and Lucía's ring. (I love being in the workshop, and of course I am super protected: leather finger gloves, mask, safety glasses :)

It was a very nice project! And as always, being part of such an important event and giving material life to a feeling fills me with joy every hour spent in the workshop.
Silver .925 ring with reliefs in the upper half, with 14K yellow gold graining and letters in low relief, shiny and blued (black) finish to create drama.
Thank you Heriberto! for allowing me to turn your emotions into a piece of jewelry that Lucia will wear forever!
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