Mike & Arielle - Colored sapphires and an unforgettable proposal!

Can you imagine proposing at the Burning Man festival?
This New York couple not only had one of the most amazing marriage proposals we've ever witnessed, but they also take the record for the most gemstones we've ever put into a ring - with nothing less Than nine colored sapphires, two diamonds and a beautiful central sapphire in a pink with purple hue!
Original sketch

The Background

From the beginning of this project we knew it would be something special. It was a remote work where not only the groom participated, but also the bride, something that rarely happens in engagement rings. In addition, they did the search for stones together, going to The Natural Sapphire Company to choose the most beautiful sapphire, with a beautiful mixed cut that highlights its color.

Design Inspiration

The design we created for them speaks of the meeting of two glances, the emotion of flight, the sun, the support and sincerity as a couple. This ring tells how they met and what their dynamic is like together: full of joy and frankness.
The wings on the ring remind of the flight, the journey together and a special memory. In addition, it abstracts an image that is special to them in the film Fantasia: where a pegasus, new to flight, falls on a soft bed of natural elements.
Inspirational Moodboard

The ring in wax, before being transformed into gold.
The pink sapphires on the sides are a pair of eyes, a symbol of the meeting between two gazes that captivated each other. The other sapphires are like the rays of light from a rising sun, and the central sapphire is both this sun and a meeting point, a home where the two soul mates (the two little diamonds) come to meet every day.

The Final Result

Anillo de compromiso con zafiros y diamantes
Without a doubt, it was an honor to capture such beautiful symbols and collaborate with this couple to transform their reality and emotions into a precious jewel.
Are you interested in putting your story into an engagement ring?
Anillo de Compromiso Diseños Personalizados Oro Significado de las Piedras Zafiro

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