Why choose a Sapphire for an Engagement Ring?

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While diamond became popular in the 1930s, sapphire has had a long career as the star stone of engagement rings.
Since ancient times, sapphire has been the favorite gemstone of royalty, even in more recent years we can find it in jewelry such as that worn by Princess Diana and today Kate Middleton.
And it is not surprising that many prefer it over the most popular diamond, since sapphire has characteristics that make it unique and its meaning is ideal for couples who want to solidify their union.
Your colors
The 4C's with which the quality of a diamond is measured can be useful to judge other stones, although they have small differences, the most relevant of which is Color.
While in a diamond it is most desirable that it be totally colorless, in a sapphire it is sought that its color is vibrant, deep and well distributed throughout the stone. However, once again the preferences come in: maybe you prefer a sapphire more towards the celestial color than deep blue, or you like that the sapphire has different tones distributed throughout the stone.
Chances are, if you think of sapphire, a dark blue color comes to mind. However, sapphire does not only come in that shade ... but in every variety of blues and all the colors of the rainbow: orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and all shades in between. Ruby, in fact, is the name given to red sapphire, but they are the same gem. There are even sapphires without color!

This Personalized Ikcha Ring has pink, lilac, reddish orange, yellowish orange, and yellow sapphires.

Its accessibility
This gem can range from extremely accessible to priceless, but in the middle there is an extensive range where beautiful stones can be found at very hefty prices. It is very likely that you will find a sapphire of excellent size and quality at only a fraction of the price of a diamond of the same size.

What influences the price is very varied: the depth of the color, the rarity of the color, the clarity (the less inclusions, the more expensive), whether or not it is treated to enhance its color, the size , cutting, etc. However, there are occasions where an inexpensive sapphire can be charming, as is the case with some sapphires with heterogeneous color, which for the industry may be undesirable due to their lack of color in some areas, but are undoubtedly charming.

This bicolor sapphire, for example, having an inclusion visible to the eye, has a price of less than $ 5,000 mxn (much less than what people say it should be spent on a stone)

Its durability
Sapphire is among the most resistant natural stones ... in fact, it is only surpassed by diamond. On the Mohs scale (which talks about the hardness against scratches and wear), the diamond has a 10 and the sapphire a 9. This means that, of natural stones, only the diamond can scratch the sapphire. Sapphire is also among the gems that tolerates better impacts (even more than diamonds; although we still recommend protecting them from blows). Due to these two qualities, sapphire is a good option if you would like to use your jewel daily.
Its meaning
In an engagement ring, the sapphire symbolizes the loyalty and sincerity of soulmates. It is also considered the stone of those born in September and is also, in different cultures, wisdom, virtue and good fortune.It is said that the ancient Persians believed that the Earth was on a giant sapphire - and that the sky was blue because it reflected this huge gem. Other cultures believed that the sapphire could calm the spirit and heal the body. Sapphire, due to its long history, is one of the stones with more legends to tell.

Personalized Ikcha engagement ring.

In the end, we are free to choose the stone that best represents us in a jewel as emotional as an engagement ring. Sapphire is only one of the hundreds of stones that can be part of your history!

You can see some custom designs with sapphires that we have made in our product:
Anillo de Compromiso Significado de las Piedras Zafiro

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