What makes us unique?

We are constantly being asked how we are different and why some of our products cost more than traditional jewelry.

What mainly differentiates us is that we specialize in custom pieces and art jewelry. We can transform any idea, concept or story into a unique and unrepeatable jewel.

And this implies several things:

1. The job requires professional and specialized labor.

Unlike most jewelers or designers, we are jewelers AND designers. A customization requires being able to transform the desires and aesthetics of our clients (which would be the designer's work) into a high-quality jewel with fine attention to detail (which involves mastery in goldsmith work).

For this reason, our team is made up of:

Elisa Garza : Industrial Designer graduated from UdeM. Who specialized in jewelry design and manufacture in Buenos Aires Argentina, following the goldsmith tradition inherited from Italy. She is a founding member of Ikcha and has been teaching jewelry classes in the house-workshop for 7 years, following the scheme of the great jewelers.

Abraham Merla : Architect graduated from UdeM and multidisciplinary artist. Whose career of his has led him to participate in various projects of cultural and social transformation. His holistic approach has taken our pieces to all corners of the planet so that, in this way, more and more people can transcend with unique jewelry.

Carolina Mendoza : Humanist and sociologist graduated from UdeM, with several certified diplomas in essential knowledge of Jewelry, colored stones and diamonds from the American Institute of Gemology (GIA). She has focused her multicultural background to the commercial field and is the one who helps our clients find the balance between the monetary value and the personal meaning of the pieces they are acquiring.

The joint work of our team results in a unique, unrepeatable piece made to measure for our clients. It is very similar to acquiring a tailored suit instead of a generic one from the store, which although it takes longer, has no comparison in quality and general sense of the piece.

2. We do not outsource to lower labor costs.

We believe in fair trade and social equity. So we refuse to exploit the work of vulnerable communities or employ underpaid labor from places where people have to undercut their services to survive.

For this reason, a piece of silver of ours can cost much more than a simple gold ring from a store, not because the material is more expensive, but because the work involves many more hours of production of labor than a professional. For example, our silver Tulum ring takes more than 40 hours of specialized work, compared to a simple gold ring that can be delivered in 4 hours in a series production. The simple ring material is more expensive, but it is unmatched in complexity and labor.

3. You are receiving an unbeatable service.

Previously only the emperors, tlatoanis and kings had the opportunity to translate their reality into pieces of art. It was a luxury that few people had access to since it is a way of transcending in space and time.

Ikcha is one of the few places that specialize in this type of service. In parts that do not come from a series production or from a mold. And for the same reason they have a meaning that goes far beyond the material with which it is made.

So in summary, what makes us different is that the value of our pieces does not come from a brand or a status of power; but the meaning and intention that will accompany your piece of jewelry for generations ...
Diseños Personalizados

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