What does it mean to wear a ring on each finger?

You've probably heard that wearing a ring has a different meaning on each finger. The ring can communicate to others from your marital status, to an aspect of your personality.

Of course, the meaning of each finger varies according to culture, time and personal beliefs. That is why here we leave you a quick guide so that you know what message to transmit with each finger:

Right or Left Hand

First you have to start by clarifying that the meaning varies according to the hand in which it is used. If you are right-handed, your right hand is considered as the one that is willing to give (active) and the left to receive (passive). If you are left-handed, it will be the opposite.

In addition, who prefers to place the rings on his right hand indicates that he is a person governed by reason, order and meticulousness. On the contrary, whoever wears them on the left shows that he is carried away by intuition, feelings and imagination.


The thumb symbolizes Personality.

In Asia, for example, the thumb ring was associated with bravery and a high position in society, which is why it was used by the military and heads of state.

In ancient Greece this finger was "the judge finger", since by making a sign up or down, the fate of the gladiators in the coliseum was decided.

It is associated with Neptune, the god of water. So a ring on this finger signifies change and movement. Commonly associated with creative personalities.

What does mean: Whoever wears a ring on this finger wants to reaffirm his personality. This ring on the “active” hand means that you know how to put yourself before others and create a strong image.

Index finger

The index finger symbolizes Power and Authority.

High-ranking people such as kings and dignitaries have worn rings on their index finger as a symbol of authority. They are generally people who trust their leadership and adapt to all kinds of situations. For this reason, it is associated with Jupiter, the king of the gods.

What does mean: Wearing a ring on the index finger of your “active” hand means high self-esteem. You have confidence in yourself and leadership abilities. If you use it on the other hand it means that you prefer to follow someone rather than command, which makes you a great team player.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is associated with Wisdom and with Responsibility of our role in life.

It is also called the finger of identity. This is the finger with the greatest strength and balance. It is associated with Saturn, the father of the gods.

What does mean: Wearing a ring on this finger points to an individual who respects responsibility and values. A serious perspective on life. The bearer has a strong moral compass and clearly distinguishes between good and evil. If you wear this ring on the "passive" hand then it means that you are a serious person and can be trusted.

Ring Finger

It is obviously associated with romance, which explains why wedding rings are worn on this finger.

The god Apollo is associated with poetry and music. A ring on this finger reflects creativity and a sense of well-being.

Traditionally the engagement ring is placed on the ring finger of the left hand. The reason for this is the belief that there is an artery called the amoris vein that connects this finger with the heart, therefore, it is the finger of the affective bond.

What does mean: A ring on this finger on the “active” hand means that you are a very creative person, with a lot of inspiration and capable of bringing out the best in others and enhancing their creativity If you use it in the "passive" hand it is associated with marriage and love. If you are not married, it denotes a creative person with a lot of resourcefulness to face challenges and solve problems.

Little Finger

Associated with intelligence.

Family crests are frequently worn on the little finger. A ring on your little finger will be on the edge of your hand and therefore will have much more attention.

What does mean: This is usually a position chosen by sensitive people. If you wear a ring on your active hand, it shows great negotiation skills and an excellent ability to express yourself to yourself. In the passive hand, it denotes great intuition and ability to listen.

Interesting Fact

The fashion of putting a ring on each finger was imposed by Ringo Star, the drummer of The Beatles. His goal was, apart from aesthetics, to draw attention with his hands while he played the instrument. In addition, his stage name, Ringo, is due to his excessive taste for rings ("Ring", ring in English).

In addition to this interpretation, if you are interested in using your rings based on a more energetic interpretation, we can find a very close relationship between the fingers and the energy points of our body:

The fingers of the Hands and the Mudhras

If you practice Yoga, you must be familiar with the Mudhras, which are the positions that our hands adopt when we do the positions.

The hands are an energy map of our consciousness and health. Each area of ​​the hand corresponds to a certain area of ​​the body, as well as different emotions and behaviors. Each finger represents one of the five universal elements and connects with each of the chakras of our body.

Each finger represents one of the five universal elements and connects with each of the chakras of our body:

  • Angustha - Thumb: Represents the element agni (fire). Associated with the Manipura chakra.
  • Tarjani- Index finger: Represents the vayu (air) element. Associated with the Anahata chakra.
  • Madhyama - Middle finger: Represents the element akash (ether). Associated with the Vishuda chakra.
  • Anamika - Ring finger: Represents the prithvi (earth) element. Associated with the Muladhara chakra.
  • Kanishthika - Little finger: Represents the element of jal (water). Associated with the Svadhisthana chakra.

To learn more about how to use gems to balance the chakras visit the blog post: Gems to balance the Chakras

In the end, the symbolism you give to the placement of your rings will depend on you; what meaning do you want to give it and what do you want to convey to others. The important thing is that it represents what you believe and helps you express your individuality.

And you, on which fingers do you wear your rings?

Chakras Significado de las Piedras

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  • Realmente los significados en cada dedo existe,experimente un cambio en mi comportamiento probando un anillo en diferente lugar cada día ahora los uso con conciencia y dependiendo de la situación.

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  • Hola, en mis manos llevo los anillos de mi vida, así los defino. En el anular derecho el de promesa de matrimonio, y el de mamá por ser la primera mamá de la familia de mi madre y en el pulgar izq. El de mi esposo recientemente fallecido. En la mano izq, en el anular el anillo matrimonial y el anillo que marcando una nueva etapa mi esposo me obsequió.

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