Diseños Personalizados

Zombie Wedding Rings!

How to design a pair of horror-themed wedding rings !? Eddie is an American sound engineer, who is dedicated to touring around the world with...

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What makes us unique?

We are constantly being asked how we are different and why some of our products cost more than traditional jewelry. What mainly differentiates us is...

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Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Can you imagine the ring that a video game creator would give to an environmentalist? With this ring we face the challenge not only of...

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Tanzanite Ring of Destiny Thread

An entire universe, the destiny of two kindred souls, and a unique personality are hidden in this white gold ring. Rodrigo came to us with...

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Mike & Arielle - Colored sapphires and an unforgettable proposal!

Can you imagine proposing at the Burning Man festival? This New York couple not only had one of the most amazing marriage proposals we've ever...

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The perfect ring for the girl who does not wear jewelry!

Either because he is a simple person, because he does not like traditional social parameters or because of lack of habit; there are many women...

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Engagement Ring "Snowflake"

How to give a ring to a creative woman with a big heart? Difficult question, because these open-minded women see beyond a diamond ring and...

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IKIGAI Engagement Ring

When Esau came to talk to us about their relationship, he told us that they are moved by joy; wondering every day how they can...

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Aurora & Manuel - A surprise engagement ring

How do you give a surprise ring ... when your girlfriend works in the jewelry store where they are doing it !? I will write...

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