Care and Maintenance

In order for your piece to remain in good condition for a long time, we suggest:

  • Avoid contact with substances that could accelerate the metal oxidation process, such as: perfumes, chlorine, cosmetics, etc.
  • Store the pieces in a clean and dry environment and in their individual packaging to avoid scratches.
  • Do not use brushes or rags to carve your jewelry, as some can be scratched.
  • Use only warm water and hand soap to clean them.
  • Once clean, dry with a hair dryer to avoid water stains.

It is normal for the original color of patina or gold-plated pieces to fade over time in the areas that come into contact with the skin.

Noble metals, such as gold and silver, can suffer from small scratches or cracks over time, which adds historical value to your piece.

Some of our silver pieces are blued to accentuate the details, which in many cases in shiny silver would not be noticeable. This is accomplished by exposing silver to certain acids, which accelerates the metal's natural oxidation process.

If the silver has accentuated details with patina, it is normal for it to fall off in places exposed to friction with our skin.

If you want to renew the patina color on the Vintage Silver pieces, and have the details accentuated again, contact us to give you some homemade solutions.