Create Your Own Jewel
Create Your Own Jewel
Create Your Own Jewel
Create Your Own Jewel
Create Your Own Jewel
Create Your Own Jewel
Create Your Own Jewel
Create Your Own Jewel
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Create Your Own Jewel

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To calculate the total:

1. Choose the Metal and Frame Color

2. Choose the type and size of Main Stone you want,

3. Choose the Size and if you want Complementary Stones

4. Press "Add to Cart" and check your total in the Cart


Guía de Tallas de Anillo

Additional Customizations, Manufacturing/Shipping Times and Calculated Discounts in Cart


  • Classic Design from : Silver: $ 5,400mxn / 10K Gold: $ 16,900mxn / 14K Gold: $ 21,600mxn / 18K Gold: $ 25,900mxn.
  • Detailed Design from : Silver: $ 9,900mxn / 10K Gold: $ 21,700mxn / 14K Gold: $ 25,900mxn / 18K Gold: $ 32,300mxn.
  • Complex Design from : Silver: $ 15,900mxn / 10K Gold: $ 26,900mxn / 14K Gold: $ 32,300mxn / 18K Gold: $ 36,900mxn.

Standard prices ( quoted based on a standard US Size 6) include:

  • The Design and Setting (ring or pendant without stones) of your piece in up to 12grs in silver or 6gr in 10K, 14K or 18K gold.
  • The assembly of 1 central stone and 2 secondary stones. *
  • 1 size adjustment of up to half a point for rings, in case of being a gift.
  • 5 years of maintenance.
  • The option to participate in part of the process and print your energy on the piece.

* Does not include stones. They are listed separately.

The final price will depend on the complexity, weight, metal and karat. Depending on your design and your budget, we can give you recommendations and make you an exact quote.


How Stones Are Quoted

The stones are priced separately since they vary enormously in prices depending on 4 aspects: Size, Color, Cut and Type of Stone.

If you want to use a stone that you have bought on your own or want to reuse one from another jewel, you have to take into account that the disassembly and assembly process puts its integrity at risk, and can cause damage. or cracks that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For this reason, we cannot be held responsible if the stone is damaged. In the case of using stones that you provide, you will be asked to sign a letter where you are made aware of the risk and Ikcha is released from all responsibility.


The time varies according to the complexity, but on average it takes 3 to 6 months to achieve a unique and personalized piece.

If you would like to have it in a less than average time (either for a special date or unique event) contact us to evaluate the possibilities. We'd love to help you immortalize that moment!

Quotes and Special Services

If you want to quote wedding rings, brooches, headdresses, cufflinks, earrings, bracelets or any other type of piece, please contact us for a special quote, since the material and weight can greatly influence the price.

If what you are looking for is just a slight customization of one of our collection products (Ex: add a stone to the design or change some type of texture), in the options you can add the personalization service for a modest amount. < / p>

Services with Additional Cost

The base prices include a certain amount of assemblies and grams of metal, however, if you would like to include more stones or increase the proportions we can gladly make the jewel of your dreams come true.

We also have the Family Gold Refining service. In these cases, you can get a discount of 10% to 40% of the price, depending on the amount of pure gold that comes out after refining. It is only recommended if it is important for you to reintegrate or transform that metal for a new piece, since it is not possible to determine the amount of pure gold that will come out after refining the metal.

By making your purchase or giving an advance payment of the Create Your Own Jewelery Service, it is understood that you accept the following Terms and Conditions:

All the designs of the Create Your Own Jewelery service are the property of IKCHA. Therefore, IKCHA has the power to reproduce or alter it for sale to the general public through its website or at authorized points of sale.

Likewise, all the photographs taken of said products are the property of IKCHA and it may use them in its advertising campaigns, social networks or other printed and digital media without the prior consent of the end user or client.

In case you want the exclusivity of the design we made for you and prevent it from being reproduced later, you can pay an Exclusivity Fee of $50,000mxn Mexican pesos. Which you can request at any time during the creation process or up to 1 month after receipt.

Review all the Terms and Conditions here.

There is a selection of stones from which you can choose (their price is charged separately).

If we do not have the one you are looking for in the selection, we will find it for you!


I've made up my mind! Whats Next?


First we will start working on the sketch of your piece and, if required, send you different stone options.


Once the design is approved, we will send for the stone(s) with which we can make the Wax Model. This will allow you to see the part in 3D and request adjustments (if needed) before turning it into metal.


Later, we will transfer the model to the metal of your choice and we will give it the final finishes.

We will send you photographs so you can see the final result.


When the process is complete, we will send you your piece with photos and videos, so that you can start enjoying a Jewel that captures a special moment in your life.

Base prices include up to 6 grams in gold and are quoted on an average size of 6 (US). We can make pieces in larger sizes or with more grams, only the difference should be quoted.

Need help?


We work with the most noble metals, which are gold and silver. Which have physical and alchemical properties that make them ideal for immortalizing your legacy through jewelry.

Find out more about the different finishes we offer in our guide:



The price of the stones varies enormously depending on 4 aspects: Size, Color, Cut and Type of Stone.

Some prices are already pre-defined, but you can also request some one that is not in the options. If you need help selecting the ideal stone, you can consult our guide:



The size will help us correctly quote pieces with a lot of volume. Although don't worry if you make a mistake, it's normal and we make size adjustments all the time.

If you need help, you can request a free Size Measurer or you can check our guide:




To calculate the time in which your order will be ready, you must consider 2 aspects: The Manufacturing Time and the Shipping Time by parcel.


Manufacture Time

For personalized rings from the Create Your Own Jewel service, the manufacturing time varies depending on the complexity of the design and can be from 60 to 120 business days.

Just remember that as it is a product that requires your approval in terms of design, times can be extended if your response time is delayed or if you request adjustments during the process.

- --

Shipping Time

Shipping Time will depend on the parcel service you have chosen.

We handle insured shipments worldwide. You can check the shipping rates and times by location at the following link: Shipping Policies.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards for months without interest, Paypal, Deposit and Bank Transfer.

To consult the current payment promotions, enter here:

Payment Methods and Promotions

All our pieces have the IKCHA Satisfaction Guarantee.

So if you find a manufacturing or material error within the period of 10 calendar days, we will gladly make a change or repair at no cost.

You can check how to make your guarantee valid at: