Alexandrite - The Stone of Transformation

Described as the stone that is "emerald by day and ruby ​​by night"; Alexandrite is known as the stone of transformation, for its wonderful property of changing color depending on the light.

Energetically, the user is assisted in any project in which he is going to start in life. So it is a suitable stone to mark a next step in a relationship or to mark the beginning of an important project.

Extremely rare, Alexandrite was discovered in the middle of the 19th century in the Ural Mountains in Russia. And named after the young Alexander II, the heir to the Russian throne. Due to its colors that resembled the national colors, it soon became the backbone of the Russian jewelry industry.

Unfortunately the original source of extraction has been exhausted, so today we obtain it from places like Sri Lanka, Africa and Brazil. And the only link with his land of origin is through his name.

Some interesting facts:

  • It is much rarer and of higher economic value than diamonds.
  • It's June's birthstone and 55th anniversary gem.
  • This gem is capable of displaying three different colors: green, red and purple, depending on the angle of observation and the type of light it is exposed to. Although it is not the only stone that changes color, the extremes that the color change goes to in this gemstone surpass all other stones.
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  • There is also a rare variety, Cat's Eye Alexandrite , which, thanks to subtle needle-shaped inclusions of rutile, reflects light producing an effect similar to a cat's pupil. This effect is known in the world of gemology as chatoyancy and is obtained with a stem and cabochon polished (convex surface).
  • It is resistant to daily use (it is 8.5 on the mohs scale). So it can be subjected to a steam cleaning treatment, although it is recommended to be careful with one with ultrasound. You can review more about it in our Stone Care Guide .

Although not as well known as Diamond or Sapphire, Alexandrite is a wonderful stone; with properties that make it unique and much more valuable than what we commercially know. And it is excellent as a gift with which to mark an important event, either for someone else or for ourselves ...

Alejandrita Significado de las Piedras

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  • ¿Tienen alguna alejandrita para un dije? Quiero algo muy sencillo

    Alejandra on
  • Quiero un anillo con esta piedra en un modelo puede hacerme presupuesto ?

    Liliana on
  • Quiero un anillo con esta piedra en un modelo puede hacerme presupuesto ?

    Liliana on
  • Hola,como puedo conseguir la Alejandría en pulsera

    Elva on
  • Hola Wendy!
    Puedes solicitar con nosotros piezas de joyería personalizadas y te conseguimos la Alejandrita.

    Caro de Ikcha Jewelry on
  • Me gustaría saber un sitio confiable dónde adquirir una gema cómo está

    Wendy on

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