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Amulets & Talismans

Where does the power of talismans come from and why have they been so notorious throughout human history?
A few months ago we gave a conference in our workshop entitled "From Jewels to Talismans", since most of our clients are interested in knowing more about this alchemical background of the jewelry that we make.
So we began to collect various interesting data from various branches such as: astrology, gemology, alchemy, among others. And so share with you how to use the power of Amulets and Talismans to balance your chakras and improve your life.


Difference between Amulets & Talismans

It is important to start by clarifying the difference between Amulets and Talismans, because they are not the same, nor do they serve the same things. There are 3 main differences.

Amulets  Talismans
They are for PROTECTION; repel Negative Energies. They are to ATTRACT certain properties or positive desires.
They come from nature or are manifestations of it. For example, the rabbit's foot, 4-leaf clover, or gemstones. They are manufactured with certain metals and elements that give it its properties. Some examples are horseshoes, the Eye of Horus or pyramids.
Their energetic properties lie in themselves. It has to be charged with energy and an intention.


In the crusades, wives gave their husbands opals to protect them. And today, Buddha statuettes are still preserved because they are believed to attract abundance and prosperity.


What Elements help us channel their power?

Amulets are given to us by nature, but we have the power to create Talismans and intend them for a particular purpose.

There are 2 main components with which we can better channel your energy:

1. Metals

On the one hand, metals conduct energy and channel it. And depending on its purity, its scope may be greater or less.

The ancient alchemists ordered metals in such a way that they are aligned with each of the chakras of our body. And they were conferred a certain importance and mystical properties.

The alchemical order of metals, from highest to lowest, is:

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Mercury
  4. Copper
  5. Iron
  6. Tin
  7. Lead

Perhaps we have heard the ancient myth that alchemists were looking for Opus Magnun, the power to transform lead into gold. If we take this in a more holistic aspect, it meant ascending in consciousness to the highest chakra.

But why is gold all the way to the top? Not only is it most valuable economically, but it is also given the greatest energetic and spiritual importance. This has to do with the origin of noble metals like gold and silver; which were formed thousands of years ago in the stars. And when these died in a supernova, the metals reached the earth thanks to the explosion of gamma rays.

So if we want to channel the energy of the universe, the energy of infinite abundance, it is best to use that little bit of universe that we have here on our planet.

If you want to know more about gold, visit our All About Gold Guide.

2. Gemstones

As for gems and precious stones, these are the fruits of the earth, unique and unrepeatable. They act on all levels in the human body. They do it on a physical, psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Stones are conductors of energy. They are capable of conducting energy into or out of our spiritual body through the chakras, and they connect through the vibration and color of each other.

If you want to know how to align the chakras through the use of gemstones, visit the blog article: Chackra Balance Gemstones.

In addition, the ability to store information in the form of energy in crystals is perfectly represented in the Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls.

Legend has it that the Mayans scattered thirteen carved skulls around the world that they inherited from the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis before their continent sank into the sea. And that when these are found and reunited in one place, it will be the time when the wisdom of the Atlanteans will transmit to humanity.

Another version of the story tells that each skull corresponds to one of the 12 civilizations or worlds that came into contact with humanity. The last of these thirteen worlds would be ours. These skulls would then be brought and distributed throughout the Earth, keeping in them the knowledge of the origin of our existence ...

How to Energize a Talisman?

Like the Crystal Skulls, we will find hundreds of legends and stories that tell the incredible power that gems and precious stones can hold.

However, we must remember that before reaching us, these stones passed through other hands and have their own history, that is why the ideal is to combine them with metals in a talisman, to focus their properties and intend them to what we want to attract.

Warning: Many internet sites speak of rituals to magnetize our amulets and talismans that include immersing the piece in salted water or leaving it in the sunlight to charge it with energy. This can irreparably damage many gemstones and oxidize metals. You can learn more about the care that each stone requires here.

We recommend using only a simple meditation exercise by holding the talisman in our hands. You can practice visualizing the energy of the universe that we want to impregnate in the piece, and imagine how it comes down from the universe, passes through us and is deposited in the jewel.

Obviously, there are more professional ways to purify our talismans. In our workshop we take care of purifying the metal in the atanor (the alchemists' furnace), to bring it to its original state and transform it into a new form specially intended for you.

The important thing right now is that you learn how you can use talismans correctly to attract positive aspects to your life. If you have a loose stone or a jewel that you would like to transform, there are always options so that you can create the perfect talisman for you!

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