Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Can you imagine the ring that a video game creator would give to an environmentalist?
With this ring we face the challenge not only of capturing their story in a unique piece, but of doing it in a way that faithfully represents the ethics and ideals by which this couple lives.
The result is one of our favorite and most detailed rings, the center stone of which is a beautiful recovered or "pre-loved" diamond from 1920!


They met casually in France, in a bar with friends. Him, a boy from California working in the video game industry. She, a Franco-Paraguayan environmentalist and hydrogeologist. The chemistry happened naturally, to grow over time ... and since that time, this couple has lived in different parts of the world, staying together.

What we wanted to represent

We wanted to represent adventure and travel, since it has been symbolic for them to continue living and working together in many parts of the world, in addition to being passionate about knowing new places. In addition, we wanted to symbolize the joy of being together, the symbiosis that they make as a couple and the naturalness of their relationship. In a way, we also wanted to represent a fountain, since they have a beautiful memory together, sitting at the foot of a fountain in France.

How did we do it?

Their engagement ring, which is one of our most detailed designs to date, is packed with symbols from their history: a spiraling filigree evokes joy like sparkling water from a fountain (an important symbol to them); organic and natural textures are present as a metaphor for symbiosis: when two organisms work together, complementing each other to be a strong team.
The general shape is inspired by the air routes that exist between France, Paraguay and California, alluding to both its origins and its passion for travel and knowing the world. There is also, under the stone, a small drop that "falls" inside the ring, a metaphor for water, the element of life, the one that creates worlds and keeps them alive.
Since they are both passionate about protecting the planet, it was essential to find an ethical alternative to the center stone. This time, we found a beautiful vintage diamond, a stone estimated to be from the 1920s.
The final jewel, in her words, "is a ring for a queen."
He presented her with the ring in Japan's iconic landscape, a portal that divides the world from mortals and gods - and she accepted it with great joy.
Congratulations Chris & Naty! .
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