Zombie Wedding Rings!

How to design a pair of horror-themed wedding rings !?

Eddie is an American sound engineer, who is dedicated to touring around the world with renowned rock bands. And Adriana is a Mexican entrepreneur with great passion.

What brought them together was their particular taste for music and zombies ... yes, zombies. In fact, their wedding was in Vegas and they were married by a Rob Zombie impersonator!

Obviously when they got married they wanted something different from what traditional jewelers could offer them.

The Concept


We started the process by making a mood board with representative images of them: the way nature is reflected like in a mirror, horror movies, the day consumed by night in an eclipse, the visual record of music. ..
And that's where the concept came from. These rings would be the perfect balance between the opposites: Life & Death, Light & Dark, Music & Silence, Calm & Madness ...

The Design

Once we landed what we wanted to convey, we began to sketch.
We think of the rocky and irregular texture of the mountains, to give this feeling of unveiling a hidden mystery when observing them.
Although both rings are of different sizes, we wanted to make them fit one with the other. So in the middle of the two, we designed a silver ring with garnet, whose zigzag shape emulates the waves of music. And it makes all 3 fit together perfectly.
Also, if you pay close attention, you will see the zombie's face!

Zombie Earrings Version 1.0

The end result was unique and eye-catching 10K white gold wedding rings with black and white opal.
For this first version (because there are 2), we chose a black opal for him and a white opal for her to denote the duality of both. In addition, opal is a stone full of magic, mystery, myths and has even been the protagonist of horror legends ...

Zombie Earrings Version 2.0

4 years later the rings returned to our workshop. This time to be renovated with new stones. The opals were exchanged for a sapphire for him and an emerald for her. And the result was incredible!
We loved that they perfectly capture their personality, their tastes and the symbolism that they wanted to give to their relationship.
It was very special for us to make this renovation of such a unique design. Because it speaks of the bride and groom's commitment to renew their vows and accept the momentous changes in their lives.
We hope to welcome you again soon and have the opportunity to be part of a new chapter in your history!
Do you want to create a personalized jewel as well?
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