The origin of this tradition is still uncertain, but there is evidence of them in many times and places. According to the American Gem Society, it is believed that the origin of birthstones “(...) dates back to Aaron's breastplate, which contained twelve precious stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. There is even Biblical, Tibetan and Indian evidence that speaks of birthstones.

Given all these cultural influences, it is natural to find differences between the Birthstone lists; therefore, some months have more than one stone. Let's find out what your birthstone is and what it means!



Although garnet comes in a wide variety of colors, its most popular and iconic shade is deep red. It is not known if the word "garnet" derives from "pomegranate", or if it comes from the medieval name of a rich red pigment, called "granum".

Garnet is said to promote romantic love, is an energetic gemstone, and helps travelers and fosters successful businesses.



Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz, with a beautiful array of shades ranging from very soft pastel to lush violet hues. It is tough enough to be worn on everyday jewelry. And it can be cut in various ways or the rough stone can be worn.

Amethyst has a calming power that provides peace, clarity and balance.



This gem, which takes its name from sea water, is the blue variety of one of the most beautiful minerals in nature: the Beryl family. Beryllium produces beautiful octagonal crystals, and when cut precisely, it provides a beautiful shine and color.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage, it is good for sensitive hearts and calms the mind; which is perfect for anyone suffering from stress due to over-responsibility.


It is a green variety of microcrystalline quartz (like agates). The bloodstone is an alternative gem for those born under the sign of Pisces. It is opaque to translucent, and has a deep green color with red spots (iron oxide).

This stone protects its owner by grounding negative energies and attracting love. It is believed to be a detox gem!



Diamond doesn't really need an introduction as it is, for many people, the most valuable of gemstones. This beautiful gem, a crystalline form of carbon, which can be completely transparent in its most popular form ... or red, pink, yellow, blue, green (even neon!) And opalescent.

These gems promote strength, invincibility, courage, creativity, and imagination. Perfect for all the ambitions of those born under the sign of Aries.



The rarest stone of the Berilium family, and known to be the star of many royal crowns and jewels, La Esmeralda is a forest green color that has been the subject of many myths and legends. wealth for many centuries and has been treasured by all cultures that find it.

The Vedas, the sacred scriptures of the Hindus, say that Emeralds promise good luck and enhance well-being.



A gem suitable for the many facets of a Gemini. Alexandrite is known for its dramatic color change in different lights. Green in daylight, purple to red in incandescent light.

Alexandrite is said to be good for discipline and concentration, as it helps those who want to strengthen their learning ability. In Russia, it is believed to bring good omen and fortune.


La Perla, the well-known treasure of the oceans. They come in a beautiful, soft variety of iridescent colors and range from perfect spheres to baroque and irregular shapes that have captivated the imagination of mankind since the earliest times.

Pearls are said to promote charity, faith, and integrity, as well as provide emotional balance.


The mysterious glow of the moon, trapped inside a gemstone, is what we would describe as a Moonstone. Its unique iridescence makes the gem appear to have its own light.

Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone (which is actually a white labradorite) are deeply associated with feminine energies, said to be excellent for women's health and well-being.



In Sanskrit, a ruby ​​is called "ratnaraj", which means "the king of precious stones". This vibrant red gem is the red variety of corundum, also known as sapphire. Rubies have been highly treasured and associated with royalty for many centuries. It was once believed that by offering them to Krishna, one would surely be reborn as emperor in his next life.

Ruby is an energizing gem associated with the base chakra, aphrodisiac love, and also with emotional strength and positive attitude.



They are one of the few “idiochromatic” gems, since their color comes only from the mineral that forms them and not from additional substances trapped in it. Therefore, peridots exclusively come in green. These living gems have excellent transparency. In ancient times, it was considered a gift from Mother Earth to celebrate the annual creation of a new world.

This vivid green gem is associated with creativity and eloquence, as well as compassion and spiritual balance.


The Romans used this variety of onyx with brown bands to produce busts, especially with the image of Mars, the god of war.

It is associated with courage and good communication, and provides protection to the user.


Spinel comes in many different colors, although red spinel is usually known and was at one time confused with ruby. Its name comes from the Latin "thorn", due to its pointed crystalline shape.

While all the colors of spinel are believed to have different properties, spinel in general is good for people in need of stress relief and renewal.



Commonly associated with blue, this gem comes in all the colors of the rainbow and its hardness is second only to diamonds. In many countries, sapphire was the most desirable gem for engagement rings until recently, as they were a symbol of loyalty.

This gem is deeply associated with wisdom, providing wisdom and spiritual strength to overcome the most difficult obstacles in life.



This stone has been known to mankind since ancient times, and derives its name from "Opalus", which means "precious stone". Due to its play of colors, some even believed that it was a combination of all other gemstones.

Today, the healing power of Opal has been widely talked about. It is said to be able to resolve depressions and help its bearer to find true love.


Tourmaline, which comes from the Sinhalese word "turmali", which means "stone with various colors", is proud of its name, as it is one of the most versatile gems of modern times.

It is said to be a powerful detoxifying gemstone for the soul, providing peace and balance. Tourmalines act on different chakras according to their color!



While topaz comes in many colors, the best known of this beautiful gem family is golden topaz. This gem was treasured by the Egyptians, as they believed that it had its wonderful golden hue thanks to the God of the Sun, Ra. Topaz can also be heated and treated to achieve a beautiful variety of colors.

Topaz brings joy, generosity and abundance.


This golden variety of quartz is commonly associated with abundance and good fortune. It is actually called the "merchant's stone" because many merchants keep a piece of citrine in their cash registers to use its power. It also radiates positive energy!



A rare gem found only at the base of Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is said to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds and occurs in two colors: champagne and deep purple blue. Although it generally exhibits different shades in the gemstone, due to its unique way of refracting light.

Tanzanite stimulates and aligns the upper three chakras, ideal for those seeking greater awareness and better communication.


Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth, and samples found in Australia are more than 4.4 billion years old. It provides so much information about natural history that gemologists have created a discipline of their own to study it and is highly appreciated by gem collectors and connoisseurs.

Zircon is believed to have so much power that it can cleanse your entire aura. It also helps you develop intuition and find yourself and others.


This beautiful blue-green to sky-blue gemstone was brought to Europe via Turkey, hence its name, which is the French word for "Turkish". It has been used as an ornament since the earliest times in Mesopotamia. Its inclusions can create wonderful web-like structures of iron and other metals, giving each Turquoise a unique and fascinating look.

This gem is believed to offer protection and assistance during career development and travel. Clear communication and encourage leadership.


- Smithsonian "Gem: the definite visual guide."



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