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The perfect ring for a girl that doesn't wear jewelry

Posted by Carolina Mendoza on

Either because she is a simple person, becauses she does not like the traditional social parameters or because of lack of habit; There are many women who claim not to want an engagement ring.

This was the case of Ale, an intelligent and spiritual woman for whom the material and "vain" as an engagement ring was not something relevant to show her love.

Blas, her boyfriend, realized that he should then look for something that went beyond economic value and that at the same time he could treasure one of the most important and happy moments of his life as a couple.

Anillo Oro Blanco con Alejandrina y Diamante
Alejandrite, Diamonds & white 14K Gold
When Blas arrived with us to help him in this important mission, they had been dating for 5 years. They met in a group on missions and are currently working together at LIDEA, the association that Blas founded and where they seek to create positive change in society.

After thinking about their relationship, the importance of God in their lives and what Blas wanted to convey when proposing to Ale, we designed based on a concept:

"Just as the mountains meet in the distance, so where the gazes find their vanishing point. This is how day to day is formed. With an intertwined gaze, balancing and leaning. With arms extended to the future, leaning on God, represented in the Alexandrite. Life, dreams, walking together. They are complements, accelerators of change, a constant transformation in the path called life. 5 years together, 13 letters form their names. 5 nails that hold the main stone. " 



With the approved design, we begin work on the wax model and make any necessary adjustments before casting it into 14K white gold.

With our suppliers we obtained a precious Alexandrite, a gem that speaks of transformation; it chains us with power on earth and universal love. On a spiritual level it speaks to us of confidence in the positive nature of events. It shows two colors at the same time as when we see situations from opposite points of view. In this case it has a color change from green to purple (depending on whether it is natural light or artificial light) and is accompanied by a pair of marquise diamonds (28 points in total).

We love the end result!

 Blas proposed to Ale in San Miguel de Allende, as they walked through the cobblestone streets. Everything was planned to be a surprise, a "tramp" who is asked to borrow a guitar and a friend begins to play his favorite song, an unexpected moment and a super emotional proposal.

Today Ale is the one who recommends us the most, realizing that her ring is more than an "engagement ring", it is a testimony of their history together.
Alejandrita Anillo de Compromiso Diamante Diseños Personalizados Oro

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