Engagement Ring "Snowflake"

How to give a ring to a creative woman with a big heart?
Difficult question, because these open-minded women see beyond a diamond ring and an expensive jewel: they see the symbol, they see what it represents. This is how our client decided to come to us to design the perfect ring, and we will tell you how we did it.

The background ...

She comes from Quebec, she is a beautiful woman with white skin and deep blue eyes. He shares with her a passion for nature, travel, culture and languages. Together, they got to know many corners of Mexico and she fell in love with its customs and colors, the same ones that she lived in LUZIA, (the work of Cirque du Soleil inspired by Mexico) when he took her to present something to him that he loves it.

What we seek to represent

We needed a way to capture, in a small 2cm jewel, her personality: creative, authentic, bright, simple. Also, in it two important places must have been somehow hidden; Quebec and Mexico.

How did we do it?

After he told us his story, how they met, their personalities, their similarities, differences, and everything else important about their relationship; He showed us some photographs of her to be able to shape a style that she would love and that would represent all the things that he wanted to say to her through this jewel.
We started with an illustration, of which he gave us his feedback to implement some changes. Once he had given us his ideas, we began to make the final model in wax, which he was able to review to visualize in the hand of his beloved to make some final changes: lighten the design, make the assembly straighter, emulate a like more snow on the crown that supports the topaz. Finally, we create a wax model, and cast the white gold.

The final result

Her ring carries by concept an ideal turned into reality, as she is for him: a light blue topaz speaks of authenticity and evokes her blue eyes, the snowflakes allude to her skin and her origins. A symmetrical silhouette and rounded geometric shapes speak of balance and purity, inspired by the circus diabolo. Finally, a small citrine inside her ring speaks of her inner light, which also evokes one of the colors that she loves most in Mexico: the orange of the Cempasúchil flower. We love this mix of elegance, authenticity and playfulness! We wish the best to this extraordinary couple.
Do you want to create a personalized jewel as well?
Anillo de Compromiso Citrino Diseños Personalizados Oro Topacio

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