Wedding Rings with Silver, Gold and Wood!

Rosalinda & Norberto would get married in October and they were looking for wedding rings that would be perfect for the moment of their marriage.
She didn't have an engagement ring, so they wanted it to be not a simple wedding band, but at the same time: engagement ring and wedding band.
The design process started! We met several times and they decided that they wanted rings that spoke of "him and her in the forest, the animals being the witnesses of her love"
The inspiration was the 1920s, Art Nouveau and Muncha's illustrations. Something that could not be missing was the black color, a "beaten" texture, flashes of gold and a sterling silver base. Wood was important to him. So he started the search for woods and design!
The final design for her includes granules in silver and gold (like the one made by the ancient Sumerians), a small wooden "stone" and two little birds that observe the wood as if it represented the love of both. which now passes to a new moment.
And voila!
Both rings are made of sterling silver (.925) with sparkles and 18K gold grains.
And here are the bride and groom on their wedding day :)
We hope these rings will always serve as a reminder every day of the deep love you have.
Do you want to create a personalized jewel as well?
anillos de boda Crea tu Propia Joya Diseños Personalizados Madera Plata

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