Salt & Pepper Diamonds

One of the hallmarks of Ikcha jewelry is the use of Salt & Pepper Diamonds. They are unique, accessible and of a wild beauty that we love. They are an excellent alternative to the traditional clear diamond and here we will explain what makes them an excellent alternative in any design.

What is a Salt & Pepper Diamond?

First of all, all diamonds are made of carbon. And when it is subjected to great pressure and high temperature, over billions of years, it is compressed into precious stones of different colors and physical characteristics.

The salt & pepper diamond is a natural diamond, only it has many more carbon inclusions than traditional white diamonds (in which traces of carbon that did not crystallize are sometimes imperceptible to the eye). This makes the salt & pepper have an appearance from white with some spots to totally black, going through a whole spectrum of tones.

In the past, salt and pepper diamonds were marginalized from the diamond industry, considered undesirable and too inferior to be used in jewelry. But today, this vision has changed and they have gone from being the outcasts of the diamond world to being widely sought after for various reasons:

5 Reasons to buy jewelry with Salt & Pepper Diamonds:

1. There are no 2 equal . Like people, salt & pepper diamonds are unique and different. Its pattern of coals is like its fingerprint, you will never find 2 identical ones.

The most significant thing about these stones is precisely that they break with the normalized standards of beauty and perfection. It is a powerful reminder that we can find beauty in ourselves if we dare to see beyond social expectations. And it is precisely our imperfections that distinguish us from others ...

2. They are resistant to daily use . These diamonds in their composition are still diamonds, the hardest stone that exists in nature. They are at the highest place on the Mohs scale that measures the hardness of a stone against scratches.

This does not mean that they are impossible to break, any stone can suffer fractures with a good blow; This is where the quality of the assembly comes into play so that the stone is well protected and the care we take with our jewels (none is designed for us to play sports with them, for example). If our piece of jewelry comes from expert hands and we have the proper care, it can last as long as a jewel with clear diamonds.

3. They are more accessible. Although colored diamonds (blue, yellow, red, etc.) are usually more expensive than light diamonds, with Salt & Pepper Diamonds it is the opposite. They are much cheaper because they are not as "perfect" as their more commercial counterparts.

Usually with diamonds, when they go over 4mm, their value increases exponentially; which is not the case with a salt and pepper diamond. This will allow you to get a much larger stone at a more affordable price.

Ring Crossroads with Diamond Salt & Pepper 3.5cts

4. They are environmentally friendly. It is known that the diamond industry has been linked to unethical practices, conflicts and a huge environmental impact for its extraction. Several tons of earth are needed to extract a few high-quality clear diamonds; however, it is not the same with Salt & Pepper Diamonds. These are much easier to extract, which makes them much more sustainable for the environment.

5. They are very versatile. These diamonds fit a wide variety of ring styles, from antique to contemporary. They can easily fit into minimalist styles or rustic designs and can turn heads in both elegant settings and casual gatherings. This versatility makes salt & pepper diamonds the perfect choice for any type of fashion.

Ring Roma in rose gold with salt and pepper diamond

They combine well with yellow or rose gold settings, as these colors highlight the color and patterns of the stone to perfection, giving the ring a vintage and sophisticated touch at the same time. For their part, the white gold settings with salt and pepper diamonds have a more avant-garde look, perfect for a contemporary look.

If you think imperfection is beauty, these diamonds are for you.

The 4C’s in Salt & Pepper Diamonds

When evaluating the quality of a diamond we usually take into account the 4Cs (Clarity, Cut, Color and Carats). The higher these grades, the more perfect and expensive the diamond will be according to the GIA (American Institute of Gemology) Diamond report.

However, although salt and pepper diamonds ARE diamonds, their appeal lies in the imperfections that make them up, the rough cuts, their wide range of colors and the ease of finding them in above-average sizes without increasing their price. This inherently throws the diamond grading system out the window.

For salt and pepper diamonds, the 4Cs do not apply. These diamonds are not evaluated in the same way as traditional diamonds and a rating report is not provided for them.


Ring New York in white gold with Salt & Pepper Diamond


Variety of Cuts

While traditional diamonds are cut to enhance their brilliance, Salt & Pepper diamonds are cut to highlight the stone's unique inclusions and patterns. The high number of inclusions means that the stone's luster is greatly reduced, which is why cutters often choose more elegant cuts for the stones, with the cut in pink being the most popular.

Pink cut diamonds of various colors.

The rose cut is a timeless shape that dates back to the 16th century and features a large surface area. This helps the Salt and Pepper Diamonds show their brilliance.

Rough salt and pepper diamonds are also very popular, typically used in bohemian and rustic settings. These bring out the natural look of the stone with minimal human interference.

How should you take care of a Salt & Pepper Diamond?

Like regular diamonds, these diamonds also rank 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, making them the hardest gemstone used in jewelry.

However, when cleaning a Salt & Pepper Diamond, avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, since due to the more noticeable inclusions it has, they can cause fractures and cracks. Use soap and a soft brush to restore the stone's shine, rather than using harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.

What does a Salt & Pepper Diamond symbolize in an Engagement Ring?

Ring Xinan in blued silver with salt & pepper diamond

The Salt & Pepper Diamonds are full of symbolism. Traditionally the diamond is associated with eternal love. And in the case of these diamonds, the "imperfections" provide a sentimental metaphor for the couple's relationship.Although, no diamond is perfect, the Salt & Pepper Diamond reminds us to look beyond the flaws and focus on our love

Also, if an engagement ring is the perfect symbol of a couple's love, then why should it resemble everyone else's? Salt & pepper diamonds offer a dynamic alternative to traditional white diamonds.

For brides looking for a ring that sets them apart, the salt & pepper diamond provides an ideal way to stand out from the crowd with a beautiful and distinctive ring.

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