You left your footprint in my heart

Ivonne marked me one day, she tells me that she wants a special design: She wants to make a pendant with Ivana's little fingerprint, her 3-year-old girl who is in the terminal phase of cancer.

The truth is that my heart knotted because I was just playing with Frida at that time (our then 11-month-old baby) and it made me think so many things. I immediately offered to go where they were to take the print.

We went to Ivonne's house (we must confess that we were very nervous, we had not been with such a sick girl before and we did not know what to say or do). We arrived, and Ivonne showed us a photo of Ivanna when she was still healthy, she clarified to us that she would see her very differently and that's how she was.

We had several previously cut hearts, ready for him to stamp the imprint. With the help of her father, and many pauses to help her breathe or caresses that let her know that we were there, we managed to capture a dozen footprints.

It was necessary to preheat the wax with a hair dryer and with the help of my father, take her finger and press the wax so that the imprint was printed and not all the samples were left with the complete imprint. So we returned a day later with more hearts and we left them to calmly and at the moment that they felt more relaxed, they could take the little fingerprints of Ivana.

Her mother sent us the final prints and we decided to turn all of them into silver (being such a unique piece) and for them to choose the one they liked the most.

It took a few days until one day she called me Ivonne to finally see us and decide what little smell they wanted to keep.

The day we emptied the hearts (turn that wax into silver), the machine reached faster than normal and seemed to be detaching itself from the ground ... we were left thinking about Ivana. Without knowing it, that day Ivana died ...

On the back, we recorded "I love you mom" with her lyrics, scaled from a post-it where she wrote.

How grateful to life for giving us the ability to be goldsmiths and to be able to manufacture such beautiful emotions! Make a pendant with her little fingerprints, the little fingerprints that her mother will feel every time she touches her heart.

Rest Ivana, in your family and friends you left smiles and strength. And you will be remembered so fondly. Thank you for letting us honor you with what we do best.

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