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5 Tips to Buy the Perfect Wedding Rings

Posted by Aurora and the Gems on

How to choose the Wedding Rings?

The rings or wedding rings are one of the most symbolic jewels that we have in life; a reminder of our love that we will be using on a daily basis. That is why it is very important to consider the material, the design, the size, your lifestyle and the price.


1- The Metal

The most common for wedding rings is gold, although there are people who opt for platinum, silver, or even new trends such as tungsten. Gold remains the most popular choice as it is more resistant to oxidation and damage than silver; less brittle than tungsten, and for being able to give different colors: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Consider that normally white gold is rhodium-plated (popularly called "platinized", "rhodium-plated" or "platinum-plated"). This finish is to give a tone closer to that of platinum, since no gold alloy loses the warmth of gold. Think of it like mixing paint: gold is yellow paint, and whatever color is mixed with it, it will take on a yellow tint. The purer the gold (more carats), the more yellow it will be. If you're looking to match the gold tone of the engagement ring, look for it to be the same karat as well.

It is also important to know that silver rings are a little softer than gold ones, so if they have stone mounts, they will need more maintenance than gold rings, since silver mounts have less resistance.


2- The Design

Bottom line: you must love your rings! Many couples buy classic and equal rings, but if you are not convinced by the idea, you can wear different rings and unify them with a small element, a color or a shape. Sometimes rules are to be broken!

At Ikcha there is even the option to fully customize your rings, so you can capture your own story on the rings and have a unique pair like this one!


3- Size and Confort

Unlike with the engagement ring, where in most cases the girl never meets the jeweler because the ring comes as a surprise, in the wedding rings both can go and measure their size to be accurate.

The size of the ring can change depending on the weather, usually in summer our hands swell slightly and the jewels can feel smaller, and the reverse happens in winter. If you are measuring your size in cold weather, take care that you do not struggle to remove it and that you can rotate the ring a little on your finger, since if it is too tight or you struggle to remove it, in summer it can get stuck.

Also, there are different forms of rings. Normally, men's rings are "comfort fit", a style that is domed inside to be more rounded and comfortable to wear. This is especially useful if the ring is very wide, but can be omitted if it is very thin.


Comfort fit



Regular fit



Domed Comfort fit



Flat Comfort fit


4- Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can greatly determine the design you ultimately decide on. A very bulky ring may be too much for someone who works a lot with their hands. It is the same case with the eternity rings and the rings with gemstones, since these from time to time need maintenance to prevent the diamonds from falling. Rhodium-plated jewelry needs to be re-platted from time to time as well.

Jewelry is naturally fragile, no metal is free from dents and scratches to wear. However, identifying our habits and knowing how to choose the ideal ring for you (in addition to knowing when it is necessary to remove it) can greatly prolong the life of the ring.

Still, almost everything in jewelry is repairable. If your piece is damaged, do not hesitate to contact your jeweler to request repair or maintenance.


5- The Price

There are rings for all budgets, from the simplest to bespoke and exclusive rings. We recommend you compare and consider what things can raise or lower the price of your rings: the material, the carat, the number of stones, the size, the complexity of manufacture, etc.

The first thing that can be done to lower the price of the rings is to decrease the karat of the gold. The standard is 14K gold, which is 58% gold and the rest in alloys. However, many jewelry stores offer more affordable alternatives, such as 12K gold (50% gold) or 10K (41% gold).

Another factor that contributes a lot to the price of the rings is the amount of stones, since this raises the price not only for the stones themselves, but because the stone setting is a job in itself, which requires an expert in the field. Sometimes customers are surprised to hear high prices even when they bring the stones to the jeweler, and it is that sometimes the price of a fine stone setting can cost as much or more than the stone itself, and this is especially true for small stones, like those on an eternity ring.

Do not be afraid to discuss budgets with your jeweler, you will be surprised by the solutions that an expert in this art can offer you to give you a pair of rings in your budget and that you will treasure for a lifetime.


Extra: If you have any questions, go to the experts!

When we start planning a wedding sometimes we feel like we have just opened a Pandora's box. Among the whirlwind of things to do, it is easy to leave the rings for last minute. Ironically, since it is the only memory of our union that will always be with us after that day. That is why if you feel overwhelmed at any point in the process, our recommendation is that you go to an expert.

The experts will not only be able to advise you on what to do with your budget, they will also be able to guide you in which color suits you best, which stones to use, and which model can best suit your lifestyle. In addition, an expert and professional jeweler will also be the most suitable to give subsequent maintenance to your rings. In fact, many times, these are included in the price of the rings.

Going with an expert is especially important if you are looking for something very personalized, since they offer much more flexibility in design and will know how to represent your story with your partner in a more artistic way.


Still don't have rings? Check out our collection with unique designs, and handcrafted to fit any engagement ring and any size. You can check our Wedding Ring Collection here.

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