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Color Stones Guide for Engagement Rings

When thinking about an engagement ring, we usually envision the immaculate clear diamond. However, every day it is more common for girls (and boys) to prefer colored gems that reflect their personality, their tastes or the emotional value that their partner places on them.

In this context, there are endless options of all colors in the world of gemstones. Here are several options that due to their characteristics and hardness are ideal for engagement rings.


Colored stones can vary in price for the same reasons as diamonds. It is important to consider that there are beautiful, affordable stones that can look impressive, since their low cost per carat will allow you to buy something bigger; and there are more expensive stones that, although beautiful, must be small if you want to stay on a budget. We will leave you a table of some stones so that you can see which are the most accessible, the most expensive, and which have a very large range of play.

The good news is that there is a stone for everyone!

Precios de Piedras Preciosas


We usually associate colors with some feeling or something that reminds us of our partner. "I want it to be a blue stone like his eyes", "Violet like the flowers that she loves", etc. There are many gems that sometimes we do not know that they come in various colors such as diamonds or sapphires, so we leave you a table by colors so you can choose your favorite.

Colores de Piedras

Life Style

Does your partner want to wear the ring every day, or would they wear it on special occasions? Does she work a lot with her hands, or has a desk job? How careful is he? The longer she wears the ring and the more she uses her hands, the stronger the stone should be.

We recommend choosing stones with a hardness of 7 and up on the Mohs scale. This scale names stones by hardness from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest (natural talc) and 10 being the hardest; the diamond. From the 7th place, the stones are already resistant for daily use: quartz and its varieties, spinels, morganites, aquamarines, sapphires, diamonds of all colors.
Remember that hardness and the Mohs scale refer only to how easy or difficult it is to scratch a stone, so even though diamond is almost impossible to scratch, it is possible to break (in fact, sapphire is more resistant to breaks than scratches compared to diamonds).



Actually, perhaps the most important question is… what do you intent to say with this stone? What emotions is it going to represent? The world of stones is full of myths and legends, and people continue to create new and personal stories by purchasing them for a jewel as special as an engagement ring. From simply choosing it because it is your partner's favorite color, to because it has some special symbolism. The possibilities to represent your story are endless!

If you want more ideas on the symbolism of various stones, visit our Blog entry: Birthstones.


Anillo de Compromiso Gemas Significado de las Piedras

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