IKIGAI Engagement Ring

When Esau came to talk to us about their relationship, he told us that they are moved by joy; wondering every day how they can make the other happier ... and just look at a couple of photos of them to realize how true it is.
They both love color, space, Japan, and anime series. We knew right away that this ring would be one of the most colorful we've ever made.
Putting all these things together was a challenge, and we loved doing it.
We took inspiration from various elements of what they told us: color and joy we materialize with an opal, for its brilliance that has all the colors of the rainbow.
Japanese culture, a subject that both of us are passionate about, we integrate it with the Ikigai diagram: the reason for being and existing. Although the diagram speaks of vocation, we felt that this meaning of life to cheer up your partner was similar to the Ikigai, in a romantic way.
For aesthetics, we chose the Sailor Moon series: not just because they love it, but because of its meaning. In the series, the character has a very important mission; she wants to save the world, a concept closely linked to the Ikigai. Furthermore, by being connected to the moon, she becomes a bridge between Earth and the entire cosmos.
We wanted to represent the tastes of the couple, and most importantly; that desire to make the other happy every day. All this resulted in a ring that has magic inside and is like a micro cosmos in a jewel.
We love the result! Rose gold, opal, pink garnets and an incredible volume and shape, with ribbons, with the shape of the ikigai and a lot of joy, it is a ring full of magic.
Do you also want to create a personalized jewel?
Anillo de Compromiso Diseños Personalizados Granate Opalo Oro

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