Life is power, power is life

"Life is power, power is life"
This is MariVi's favorite phrase since she discovered that it was essential to connect a pacemaker to be able to live. Her life took a big turn. And now more than ever, she reaffirms that "you have to stop worrying about silly things", it all depends on you.

So she wanted a piece that spoke of the power of life and of c or m or we ourselves have the power or the strength to fulfill what we want. In addition to saving her life and her pacemaker, a battery that follows her heartbeat and intensifies it.

The proposal was born looking for the origins of electricity and electrical impulses dating back 2000 years before the "official discovery" with an instrument called the "Baghdad Battery" found in Iraq. This artifact consists of a 14 cm ceramic container, a copper tube and an iron rod.
As a complement, amber (its Greek translation: elektron ) is the foundation of the 700 BC discovery. of electricity and the ability of amber when rubbed with a light body to attract objects such as feathers or straw.

So: ceramic, copper and amber would be essential elements .
A pendant was designed that involves experimentation in ceramic and copper patina that gives it that green color. With a bezel-mounted amber cabochon and a "Life" on the back of the pendant, so it's close to your heart.
for Above: ceramic samples with different intensities of copper patina. Bottom: Already burned ceramic samples with patina.
And ... the ceramic tests started !! I have to thank Vange Tamez, King of GreyBirdStudio on Etsy and Mauricio Cortés who helped me discover and learn about the art of ceramics, a profession that requires time, care and naturalness.
And now if: to the jewelry table! to work the silver.
Here are some photos of the process.
And the final result!
Silver .925 pendant in mirror finish, ceramic molded with facets and finished in copper patina mounted on claws, amber cabochon mounted on a bezel, back of pendant with cutwork forming the word “L ife ”.
Thank you MariVi for letting us translate your life and feelings into a jewel!
Thanks to Mauricio, Rey and Vange, without your help it would not have been the same!
Do you also want to create a personalized jewel?
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