Nature and Love in a pair of rings

Anillos Lina & Corri horizontal
When Lina contacted us about the wedding rings we could not be more excited, three countries already united them and Mexico would join them. Lina is Colombian and Corri is, how would she say, gringo; they met in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2013.
Textura Tejido Continente Americano
Textura Naturaleza Textura Rocosa
The challenge was to capture these two personalities of souls intertwined in the rings. Lina, a super artistic “foodie” who seeks inspiration from nature and Corri, a charismatic hobby writer who loves jazz as much as he enjoys being outside. Two people, who despite having a cultural difference, managed to see beyond what separated them and grow in everything that united them.
Sketch anillo Lina Sketch anillo Corri
Whether it's a walk in the forest, enjoying a coffee or shopping in the antique markets, the hours go by like water enjoying each other's company, this is the important thing.
Also, it is popular knowledge that you need to be different in order to complement each other, and this pair is the perfect example of a tailor-made pair. I can imagine Lina knitting or trying a new recipe while Corri carefully reads her writings or gets lost on the couch listening to some good blues; just one scene of many that will be witnessed by these rings in which we place so much love and commitment.
Once again, after getting to know the couple more, our favorite moment arrived; design. We had to take into account their love for nature, that Corri likes to ride her bike and Lina does yoga, that they both love to travel and that they are fans of the rustic, among a thousand other things that make up two human beings .
Proceso en plata
Lina's ring has the silhouette of the American continent, formed with a texture of interwoven fibers, which mark the way forward, and granules simulating rocks on the coast. As the center stone, it has a brilliant cut 6x8mm oval cut opal, ushering in a new stage together. The three places that tell us the story, Tennessee (where Corri is from), Buenos Aires (where they met) and Colombia (where Lina is from), are represented by three round two-point brilliant cut diamonds.
Ópalo y tres diamantes
Corri's ring has a rocky texture, like that of a mountain, and simulates the tracks of a bicycle tire, hinting at her favorite hobby. The rings are made of patinated Mexican silver .925 with a mirror finished interior.
Ikcha custom made wedding bands
The process of working completely remotely with the couple was a new experience, and I have to say that it was a pleasure. After two shipments of the wax, roundtrip, feedback and corrections, three meetings via Skype, and countless emails, we managed to finish the rings on May 30, 2017.
Complicated, but is there anything worthwhile and easy?
Congratulations and best wishes on your marriage. Thank you for letting us be part of your story, you are part of the Ikcha story!
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