Solid Gold, Laminated Gold, Gold Plated or Gold Plate, which one to choose?

Not all that glitters is gold ... at least not 100%.

That is why today we are going to explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages between gold, rolled gold, gold plating and gold plate.

Goldfilled, Goldplate and Gold Vermeil

Solid Gold

Gold jewelry is rarely 24k solid gold. Gold as such is a soft metal, which can easily be deformed. For this reason, alloys are created with other metals to change its color and make it more resistant.

Gold Aureole Ring with Diamond

Advantages : It is the highest quality option. Gold does not oxidize so it will always retain its spectacular shine. It is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for all skin types. All kinds of designs can be made with gold.

Disadvantages : Of all the options that we are going to present, it is the most expensive. Depending on the mileage, its price can increase considerably.

If you want to know more about the properties of gold and the different karata, enter our All About Gold Guide .

Gold Filled (Goldfilled)

Rolled Gold is actually a base metal (like copper, brass, or even silver) that is pressed into a thick layer of gold. Heat and pressure melt both metals, resulting in rolled gold.

Advantages : It is of excellent quality, so it can be used even in the pool or the sea without the gold layer falling off or falling off. It is more accessible than gold.

Disadvantages : Its manufacture requires industrial processes, so it is usually only handled in series productions and not in custom designs. It cannot be cut or filed to make repairs, because it would bring out the base metal.

I Pyros pendant with a gold plated chain.

* The golden chains that accompany our charms are made of laminated gold.

Gold Bath (Gold Vermeil)

In gold plating, the base metal is sterling silver that is coated with gold through a process called "electroplating." To be considered a gold plating it must have a minimum of 2.5 microns of gold.

Advantages : It is economical. All kinds of designs can be gold plated. Resists daily use. Prevents silver from rusting.

Disadvantages : Depending on the PH of the skin, the gold plating can fall off more quickly. It is not recommended to use in the pool or the sea if you want to keep it for a longer time. It is also a process that involves acids and other toxic compounds, so it is not friendly to the environment and can damage the health of those who perform it.

Goldplated (Goldplated)

Have you heard the phrase "already took out the copper"? We usually use it to denote that something that looked good turned out not to be of such good quality.

Previously, when gold coins started being made, there were people who made them out of copper and painted or bathed them in gold to make them look genuine. But once the coin began to wear out, it "pulled out the copper."

The gold plate is like that. It is a base metal such as copper or brass that receives a gold treatment. However, unlike gold plating (Gold Vermeil), micron quality is not controlled, resulting in much lower quality work.

Advantages : Very economical.

Disadvantages : It can be seen of poor quality. It can irritate the skin. Not recommended for daily use as it can easily lose the gold coating and "pull out the copper".

As a final recommendation, if you are going to acquire a piece with some type of gold plating (names are sometimes confused in stores) always ask what the base metal is or how many microns it has, to know if it is an investment that worth it...After all, the most beautiful thing about jewelry is that it is forever

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