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Most Romantic Color Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Posted by Carolina Mendoza on

Although the Diamond remains the icon of the engagement ring because of its beauty and significance, there are increasingly more people who prefer to go beyond the conventional and to deliver a ring with a different precious stone.

This gesture does not only reflect the personality of who delivers it and who receives it, but the commitment you have to make the relationship something unique and especial.

In this article we will introduce the most reknown precious stones throughout history, that can make your ring something unique:


The Sapphire

Romantic Meaning: The sapphire represents loyalty and devotion in a relationship. It is also the stone of wisdom and truth.

In History: Since ancient times, the sapphire has been associated with royalty. The most memorable engagement ring is probably that of Princess Diana which now belongs to Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

Also, for the ancient persians and to the first catholic, the blue sapphires were a gem that represented the divine; they believed that the blue of the sky was, literally, engraved in its reflection.

Other Interesting Facts:

  • After the diamond, it's the hardest and mos t durable stone.
  • Is September's Birthstone.
  • Although it is known by a characteristic shade of blue, the sapphire actually comes in a variety of colors, which makes it an excellent choice for any style.

Custom Ring with different color sapphires


The Emerald

Romantic Meaning: The emerald is a symbol of hope and the will to preserve love. In addition, it represents abundance, fertility and balance.

Alexandria Ring from Ikcha's Engagement Ring Collection


In history: The royal families worshiped this gem; Emeralds have been found in treasures of almost all ancient cultures. Cleopatra is known to prefer this gem because for the egyptian people, the emeralds were a symbol and a source of national pride.

Other Interesting Facts:

  • Emeralds are more rare and more expensive than diamonds. After all, they were created by the same, unique natural phenomenon that formed the Himalayas and the Alps.
  • It's May's Birthstone.
  • Natural emeralds often have inclusions in them that make them unique and one of a kind.


The Ruby

Meaning Romantic: The ruby represents victory in all aspects of life, especially in love and personal development. It is the gem of passion without limits, of the intense love and strength in the most pure state.

In history: In the old sanskrit, ruby is called "ratnaraj", which translates as "the king of stones". Medieval europeans believed that rubies assured good health, prosperity, wisdom and a succesfull love life.

Motif Ring from Ikcha's Engagement Ring Collection

Other Interesting Data:

  • It's chemical composition make the ruby a red sapphire.
  • It's July Birthstone.


¿Which of these gems is your favorite?

Ee love working with different designs and experiment with possibilities, so if you have a stone of your preference that you would like to include in any of our designs please do not hesitate to request a quote. We seek stones from all over the world to bring you the perfect stone that represents everything you feel for your partner!

Anillo de Compromiso Esmeralda Guias Educativas Rubi Significado de las Piedras Zafiro

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