Providers for an Alternative Bride in Monterrey

Between the sea of ​​ideas on Pinterest, of photos saved from Instagram and the dreams that a bride has for her wedding, there is an obstacle: the lack of suppliers for the non-traditional bride. Where do I find a boho style dress? Who takes artistic photographs? Where do I get a gold or black headdress ... or any color other than silver and white?

These are usually the questions of our clients; artistic, dreamy or unconventional people who value custom work and the experiences that accompany it. That is why we set out to investigate in our city which suppliers you can find for your alternative wedding look.

The dress

Adriana Madrid Atelier

If custom is your thing, Adriana Madrid is a local talent who can create the design of your dreams. Her Bridal Atelier collection arose from her own experience, because when she made a commitment and started looking for dresses she realized that there was nothing that came close to what she had in mind; something with which she felt authentic and comfortable at the same time.

It also has a beautiful collection of wedding dresses with a bohemian and ethereal inspiration, each with its own personality.

The Headdress

The Workshop

Another supplier for Bespoke lovers: El Taller handles a wide variety of colors and elements in its designs, both collectible and personalized service. Their headdresses are made with high quality and are incredibly comfortable and light to wear all night.

The Shoes

Valentina & Valentina

If you are looking to balance design and comfort to dance the night away, Valentina & Valentina is your best ally. Its designs are of high quality, and it handles memory foam so that you feel in the clouds when you walk, even in heels. It also handles a wide variety of colors and designs for a dream shoe.


Relevé Heels

Dance-inspired shoes that will make you feel free. We love them because they are made to measure and as they are shoes with shape to dance tango, they will be the most comfortable you can have to dance all day of your wedding.

@ releve.everydayheels

Hairstyle and Makeup

XY Studio

When you are looking for them to use high quality products and an immense ability to capture the idea of ​​what you are looking for, at XY you will feel at home. They have great versatility that allows them to do classic makeup at night, or something more natural for a more hippie event or a day wedding. They will also be able to recommend the best for your hair, so that you can take care of it and have it perfect for your big day.

Ahal Bio

Do you love putting on makeup and are you sure you can do it yourself? So, we recommend you to turn around for AHAL Bio, their makeup is totally natural, made locally and of high quality. This will not only give you the perfect look, but you'll be sure that whatever you wear will do your skin good.

The Bouquet

La Violetera

Another place where you will find a great variety of floral species, as well as great attention, is in La Violetera. In fact, you will not only find your bouquet here: you can also learn about floral design and do some things yourself.

Botany Flower Shop

Botánica offers a free, wild and irreverent concept in its floral ornaments.Use exotic plants and flowers with excellent attention to detail, which will fill your bouquet with textures and colors that will show your personality

The Wedding Rings


The wedding rings or wedding rings are probably the most important element of your outfit that day, since it is the only one that you will wear daily after the big event.

At Ikcha we specialize in making unique pieces, with personality and with the history of the couple. And if you also want to make it more special, we also have "The Wedding Ring Experience" so that you can live the experience of making them yourself together with your partner!

Extra: Inspiration

Frida in Love

A catalog of suppliers nationwide, as well as a large collection of photos with a beautiful curation to inspire you and create your wedding with a unique style. Frida Enamorada believes in free spirits and that wedding planning is to be enjoyed. Therefore, she has tips and a very useful blog to help you in this process.

Are you also looking for personalized accessories in gold or silver? Contact us at or visit our workshop!


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