How to Take Care of Silver

The silver that we use in Ikcha is Sterling Silver or .925 Silver, which means that it is composed of 92.5% silver and the rest of copper or another metal that is being used.

Pure silver is very soft and malleable, so it is not used or recommended in jewelry because it is easily deformed.

Recommendations for Caring for Silver

Silver is one of the most famous precious metals, and has been used for jewelry since time immemorial. However, due to its properties, it is normal for silver to darken, because it reacts to substances that may be in the environment, although it is also due to the PH of each person.

In order for your piece to remain in good condition for a long time, we suggest:

  • Avoid contact with substances that could accelerate the metal oxidation process, such as: perfumes, chlorine, cosmetics, etc.
  • Store the pieces in a clean and dry environment and in their individual packaging to avoid scratches.
  • Do not use brushes or rags to carve your jewelry, as some can be scratched.
  • Use only warm water and hand soap to clean them.
  • Once clean, dry with a hair dryer to avoid water stains.

What is Vintage or Blued Silver?

Some of our silver pieces are blued to accentuate the details, which in many cases in shiny silver would not be noticeable. This is accomplished by exposing silver to certain acids, which accelerates the metal's natural oxidation process.

If the silver has accentuated details with patina, it is normal for it to fall off in places exposed to friction with our skin.

If your piece of silver is blued, it is not recommended to use chemicals to clean silver, as this would remove it completely.

How to clean the silver?

There are special liquids to clean silver, however, it is possible to do it with homemade methods and materials that are easy to find in our house.

You can watch the video where Ely Garza (Founder of Ikcha) explains more about this precious metal and gives us a simple way to clean silver pieces like a professional.

Can Silver stain the skin?

If you have a piece of silver that stains your skin, it does not mean that it is not made of good material or it is not real silver. As we explained at the beginning, silver .925 has 7.5% other metals to give it firmness; among them copper. There are skin types that are more sensitive to copper and this small percentage could cause a reaction and stain the skin.

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  • Hola Leslie, las piezas de plata pavonada no deben ser limpiadas con limpiadores abrasivos o químicos, porque la pátina es oxidación y estos químicos la quitan. Te recomiendo veas el video donde se explica cómo limpiar de forma segura tus piezas.

    Caro de Ikcha Jewelry on
  • Hola, compré líquido azul para limpiar plata y cuando metí mi pulsera Pandora con charms note que se puso muy blanca, investigue y al parecer están pavonadas, podrían ayudarme a cómo regresarla a su color. Ese líquido azul patavlinañair playa no debe usarse en pandora ?, gracias 😊

    Leslie Hernández on
  • Buenas noches, mi consulta es sobre plata 925 con baño de gold rosé, quisiera saber exactamente de que está compuesto ese baño, no encuentro información, muchos joyeros dicen que no es oro, que es un tipo de laca que le da color a la pieza. Gracias por toda la información del video! Me encanta y apasiona mucho la joyería

    Agustina on

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