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Silver Jewelry Care

Posted by Caro Mendoza on

Silver is one of the most famous precious metals, and has been used for jewelry since immemoble times.

However, because of its properties, it is normal for silver to darken, because it reacts to substances that may be in the environment, although it is also due to each person's skin type.

In order for your piece to stay in good condition for a long time, we suggest to: 

  • Avoid contact with substances that could accelerate the process of oxidation of the metal, such as: perfumes, chlorine, cosmetics, etc.
  • Store parts in a clean, dry environment and in their individual packaging to avoid scratching.
  • Don't use brushes or rags to scrub your jewelry, as some may scratch.
  • Use only warm water and hand soap to clean them.
  • Once clean, dry with hair dryer to avoid water stains.


What is Vintage Silver?

Some of our silver pieces are oxidized to accentuate the details which in bright silver would not be noticeable. This is achieved by exposing silver to certain acids, which accelerates the natural process of metal oxidation.

If the silver has accented patina details, it is normal for it to fall in places exposed to friction with our skin.


How to clean Silver?

There are special liquids to clean the silver, however, it is possible to do it with homemade methods and materials easy to find in our house.

You can watch the video where Ely Garza (Founder of Ikcha) explains more of this precious metal and gives us a simple way to clean the silver pieces like a pro.

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