Quality guarantee

Each piece is made by hand by our master alchemists, who combine their experience and expertise in design and goldsmithing to create pieces with the highest care and quality.

However, if you find a manufacturing or material error within 10 calendar days , we can gladly make a change or repair.

This guarantee will be valid as long as the part has not been intervened in any way and the error does not have to do with any neglect or mistreatment by the customer.

To make your guarantee valid, send us an email to info@ikcha.com with the subject of "QUALITY GUARANTEE" and the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Purchase date
  • Order Number
  • Description of Product Failure

Once we receive your notification of the defective or damaged product, we will contact you and schedule UPS to pick up the item (we will absorb the shipping costs for defective or damaged parts).

When mailing the piece to our workshop, make sure it is inside a padded envelope or box (preferably in the original packaging). We will not be responsible for jewelry lost in the mail or additional damage due to incorrect shipping methods.

About Precious Stones

Gemstones may differ in appearance from the models on our page because the stones are natural and therefore there will always be variations in color and / or shape between them that will alter the final appearance of the jewel.

In c if the result is very different from the expected one, please contact us within a period of no more than 10 calendar days and we will gladly make a change so that you have the jewel you expected. In these cases, as there is no manufacturing error on our part, but rather a matter of personal taste, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay for the shipping costs of the part.

Ikcha is not responsible for stones broken or lost by the client; however, we do offer stone replacements for a reasonable repair fee. Repair fees will be set upon receipt or by email if substantial photos can be provided.

About Special Finishes

In the pieces that are plated with gold or rhodium, it is impossible to determine how long the finish will last. Much will depend on the pH of the skin and the use that is given to the piece. Therefore, if you decide that your selection in the finish was not correct for you, we can gladly make a change within the first 30 calendar days. The client will only have to pay the shipping costs of the piece and we will take care of making the change. In this case, communicate directly by whatsapp to give you options.