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Size Guide

Size Charts for Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets...


Rings Size Guide

You can download the size guide table in PDF (click here) to compare with a ring that you already have or use the slip measuring device that comes. Just remember to print in real scale. Or you can use one of the methods below:

Method 1

1. You get a thin thread.

2. Place it around your finger tie it. Make sure that the fit is snug but allows you to remove it without untieing it.

3. Cut the yarn right next to the knot.

4. Measured with a ruler.

5. Looks for the nearest number in the table of equivalences.

Method 2 (if you have a ring of the correct size)

1. Use a ring that you know fits you well and measure it with a ruler.

2. Looking for the inner diameter in the table of equivalences.

Necklace Size Guide

Use reference images to know the correct measurement of the length of your chain or necklace. The measures come in inches.

Bracelets Size Guide

Size Measure Ideal for
S 7" (17.8cm) Small Woman
M 7.5" (19cm) Medium Size Woman
L 8" (20.3cm) Large Woman / Man
XL 9" 22.8cm) Man