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We are a bridge between the world of ideas, and the tangible world of matter. We combine the most noble metals of the UNIVERSE, and the most exotic and striking stones of the PLANET, with the emotions and highest ideals of the PERSON, to make unique jewelry with intention and meaning that help to trascend TIME & SPACE.

IKCHA ("The wind of freedom" in maya) was founded in 2010 in Monterrey, Mexico. Our founder and main designer Elisa Garza, started the business after returning from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she learned the ancient traditions of the Italian jewelers and combined the knowledge with her mexican roots..

In these 10 years, IKCHA has grown and evolved beyond a mere passion. Today, the company involves a combination of the feminine aesthetic of Elisa and the artistic and mystical vision of her soul mate Abraham Merla. The perfect balance between Ying and Yang...

What began as a personal dream has now become a family business and a whole movement with 3 different branches: Ikcha Jewelry Collections, the Couples Experiences and the Jewelry Workshops.

Each branch is unique, but at the same time, they all strive to connect the human being through this ancient art.

About Our Products

Each piece is handcrafted by our master alchemists, who combine their experience and expertise in design and goldsmithing to create unique and transcendental pieces.

Being pieces with intention, of high quality and completely customizable; we do not have molds nor do we handle mass production. For this reason, all our pieces are made to order especially for each of our clients.

We are committed and involved with society and our environment. We look for stones from all over the world from ecologically sustainable sources and we are in favor of valuing the handwork of designers, master goldsmiths, gemologists and other professions in the jewelry industry.

For you we have come very far