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The Wedding Ring Experience

Create with your partner the symbol of your
love in this wonderful experience.

Save your Date!


Only at IKCHA will you have the opportunity to participate in the process of creating your Wedding Rings.

You will live with your partner one of the most romantic and transcendental experiences that you can enjoy together; by creating the symbol of your love which you will wear everyday. This experience will not only create unforgettable memories, but will solidify the foundations for a prosperous life together.

What will you live in the Experience?

1 Day of Growth as a Couple

In this experience, we will guide you through one of the oldest arts, learn to master fire (internal and external) and exceed your own expectations, so that you discover a little more of what you are able to achieve together!

Walkthrough through the Goldsmith Art

In our equipped workshop, we will guide you through all the steps required to make a ring with a professional finish. You will be part of the entire process, customizing your rings up to the final finishes.

Metal Transformation Ritual

One of the most magical parts of the experience is working with fire, to melt and purify the metal, fill it with intention and finally give it a new shape that will always remind you of the strength of your love.

Celebrating Your Love

Whether you're about to get married, celebrating an anniversary or commemorating an important step in your relationship, the experience is ideal for connecting as a couple and celebrating the path you're building together.

We have many options to customize your Rings to your Style!

Check out the designs made by other Couples!


Prices vary depending on width, metal and whether you add laser engraving and/or gemstones. Request a personal quote to know the exact price.

Prices start from:

Silver (pair of 2mm) - $18,700mxn

Gold 10K (pair of 2mm) - $28,900mxn

Gold 14K (pair of 2mm) - $33,700mxn Gold

18K (pair of 2mm) - $39,000mxn



Available Hours : Friday from 11am to 7pm Duration :

6 to 8 hours (depending on design and metal)

and you take your rings that same day! .

We only have 1 date available per week. Contact us to ask options and save the date on time.


You'll get way more than just a pair of rings!

In addition to your rings and the magical day you will live together as a couple, you will receive a case to store your rings and 5 years of free maintenance.

What do Wedding Ring Experience couples have to say?


The best experience!

Doing something for your partner is a very significant thing, more so when it comes to the rings that you both will always wear and that represent the commitment and love for each other. The transformation of the metals is something magical and the guidance we were given in the workshop was as patient as it was kind.

We will certainly continue to recommend this experience to all those who seek to do something deeply meaningful and loving.

- Xuvaret and Esteban

An unforgettable day!

We're never going to forget this day!!! Everything we shared and lived together was amazing. For us it was the best experience to be able to make our rings with a lot of love. Be part of the manufacturing process and know all the meaning the rings, gold, circle, processes... it made our rings very magical. We will always be grateful of this little pieces of universe that we now have in our rings.

An experience that we will always recommend :)

-Nydia and Miguel

I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

It was definitely a magical day where we learned a lot. I made my husband's ring and he made mine, it's super nice to feel like I have something from my husband with me all the time and he has from me.

Abraham and Elisa were also really helpful and attentive, they are very special beings of light and I am so grateful to have met with them in this life. Thank you so much for making this experience.

I wouldn't trade my ring for anything in the world!

-Eduardo and Amairani

I'm ready! What's next?


Set aside your date with a 25% down payment. Or pay in full and receive a discount!


After giving the 2nd payment of 25%, it's time to fine-tune details of the style of your rings and the snacks you'll be enjoying that day.

Family Hairlooms?

If you are going to incorporate stones or metals that you already have, after giving the 3rd payment, its time to bring them to the workshop for pre-preparation.

Check your Mail

When you settle the payment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to prepare for the big day.