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At IKCHA you will have the opportunity to participate in the process of creation of your Wedding Rings.

You will live with your partner one of the most romantic and trascendental experiences as you enjoy together the making of the symbol of your union, which you will wear evryday. This experience will not only create unforgettable memories, but will solidify the foundation for a prosperous life as a couple.

What will you live in the Experience?

Transformation Ritual

One of most magical parts of the experience is to work with the fire to purify the metal, to charge it with new energy and finally give it a new shape with which you will always remember the strength of your love.

1 Day of Growth as a Couple

As you make your rings, you will be guided through one of the oldest arts, you will learn to master the fire and to exceed their own expectations of what together are able to achieve!

Celebration Before the Big Day

We know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding, take this intimate time to connect as a couple and celebrate every step of the life you are building.



The experience of making your wedding rings begins:

From $ 18,000mxn the pair of rings in Silver for 2.5mm rings.

From $ 28,000mxn the pair of rings in 10K Gold for 2.5mm rings.

And from $ 32,000mxn in 14K Gold for 2.5mm rings.



+2 wedding rings in the metal and color of your preference.+
You also have the option of customizing your design with a wide variety of textures and finishes.

+ Brunch with drinks and snacks +
We have vegan, gluten free or food allergy restricted options upon request.

+ Celebration Toast +

+ Expert guide, use of tools and safety equipment +

+ Case for the rings and 5 years of maintenance +

And a unique and romantic day as a couple where you both create the symbol of your love!

Dates Available

Available Days: Monday or Friday
Hours: From 11am to 7pm

Duration: 6 to 8 hours (depending on design and metal)
And you take your rings with you that same day!


The Process

At the Wedding Ring Experience we will guide you through all the steps required to make a professionally finished ring.

1. Metal Preparation: You will know how the metal is made by calculating the size and weight of the metal to prepare it before casting.

2. Foundry: We will melt the Metal in the Atanor (the alchemists' furnace) to purify it and give it a new shape.

3. Personalization: We will proceed to laminate and cut the band which you can texturize in different ways.

4. Welding: We will join both ends of the band, and we'll finally see our creation take shape.

5. Final Finishes: Whether it is a shiny or matte finish, with or without comfort fit, we will help you make a pair of professional looking rings.


Aditional Services

Family gold refined to preserve your legacy and adapt it to your new story.
Engraving of initials or special message on the rings: $ 40mxn x letter or character.
Assembly of precious stones by our master alchemists in case you want to add one of the fruits of the earth to your design: $ 750 x stone + the price of the stone (options from $ 300mxn).
You have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions


Reservations are required at least 1 month in advance, as the workshop will be available for the exclusive use of the couple for a full day. Send us a whatsapp to verify that the date you want is available, since we only do one experience per week.

You can reserve your date by paying 25% of your experience by deposit or direct in our showroom. Once you have made your deposit, we will contact you to define all the details of your experience.


Important Notes

Due to market variations, the price of Gold may experience increases without prior notice.

In the event that there is a significant change in the value of gold, the final price of the Experience may vary. If this is the case, the couple will be notified of such changes one week prior to their reservation (at which time the gold to be used is acquired).

I'm ready! What's next?


Save the date with a down payment of 25%, or pay in full and receive a 20% discount!


After the 2nd payment of 25% we will help you determine the perfect style for your rings.

Family heirlooms?

If you are going to incorporate stones or metals that you already have, after the 3rd payment of 25% it is time to bring them to the workshop.

Get ready to Live the Experience!

When you settle the payment, you will receive a message with instructions on how to prepare for the big day.

Qué dicen las parejas del Wedding Ring Experience

¡La mejor experiencia!

Hacer algo para tu pareja es algo muy significativo, más tratándose de los anillos que llevarán siempre y que representan el compromiso y el amor del uno para el otro. La transformación de los materiales es algo mágico y la guía que nos dieron en le taller fue tan paciente como amable.

Sin duda alguna seguiremos recomendando esta experiencia para todos aquellos que busquen hacer algo profundamente significativo y amoroso.

- Xuvaret

¡Un día inolvidable!

¡¡¡Nunca vamos a olvidar este día!!! Todo lo que compartimos y vivimos juntos fue increíble. Para nosotros fue la mejor experiencia el poder fabricar nuestras argollas con mucho amor. Ser parte del proceso de fabricación y conocer todo el significado que tienen las argollas, el oro, el círculo, los procesos... hicieron que nuestros anillos ahora sean mágicos.
Estaremos siempre agradecidos por darnos este pedacito de universo que ahora tenemos en nuestros anillos.

¡Una experiencia que recomendaremos siempre :)

-Nydia y Miguel

¡No lo cambiaría por nada en el mundo!

Definitivamente fue un día mágico donde aprendimos de todo. Yo hice el anillo de mi esposo y el hizo el mío, es súper bonito sentir que tengo algo de mi esposo conmigo todo el tiempo y él de mi.

Además de la fina atención por parte de Abraham y Elisa, son unos seres de luz muy especiales y estoy tan agradecida de coincidir en esta vida con ustedes. Mil gracias por hacer esta experiencia.

No cambiaría mi anillo por nada del mundo!

-Eduardo y Amairani

¡Un lugar sin igual!

¡Esta es de seguro la única joyería en la que puedes fabricar tu anillo de boda!

Mi esposo fabricó el mío y yo el suyo. Fue una mañana súper interesante y divertida. Siempre acompañados de profesionales, aprendimos muchísimo. Estamos tan felices con el resultado que lo recomendamos a todos de vivir esta experiencia tan linda.

- Nathalie Brandebourger