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  • We don't have any experience making jewelry, what if we don’t do it right?

There is nothing to worry about. Making a simple ring is one of the most basic activities in jewelry that does not require previous experience. In addition, our pair of master goldsmiths will be with you throughout the process to ensure a professional and high-quality final result.

  • Can we bring our own design to the workshop?

We would love to help you make the rings you have dreamed of!

You just have to keep in mind that the experience last a short period of time; some designs can be very complicated and may require a lot more time to do them yourself. We recommend making an appointment to see the design and customize the techniques based on that. We want your rings to be as special and unique as your love.

  • Do our wedding rings have to look the same?

Not at all. This experience is totally customized and so will be your rings. They can be the same, complementary, or totally different. We will show you samples with different types of finishes that can be done in this period of time, from there you can choose the one you like or a combination of several.

  • Will we each make our own ring or will we make our partner's?

It is completely up to you. Although it is really special to make each other’s rings, you can choose which ring you want to make.

  • What metals can we use?

We can use Sterling Silver (.925) in bright or vintage finish. Or we can use 10K or 14k Gold in yellow, pink or white.

  • Can I use a piece of gold that I already have in our rings?

Of course! In that case, it would be necessary to bring the piece 2 weeks in advance for the refining process. This additional service has a cost of $ 250 MXN per gram.

It does not matter the color of gold you have. During the refining process all the gold in your piece is extracted to its purity of 24K which has its original color. Once it is pure, the alloy can be made according to the color of gold you prefer.

  • Why is it more expensive to make the rings ourselves than to have them made?

When you order jewelry, you are not only paying for the material, but for the time invested by the jeweler. An expert jeweler can take a really short time making a pair of rings that a beginner may take many hours.

So when you opt for a personalized experience, the time and dedication of our teachers is much greater than if they did it themselves. The workshop must also be separated exclusively for that activity and preparations made so that you live an unforgettable experience.

You are not just purchasing wedding rings; you are living an unforgettable moment in which you will not only learn about this ancient art; you will transform matter with your own hands and create the symbol of this new stage in your life.

  • How long will it take to make the rings?

The rings are made in approximately 5 to 6 hours. Couples generally choose to schedule early in the morning or afternoon. Depending on the pace of work of each couple, and the type of ring, it may take a little longer or a little less.

  • Will we go home with our rings?

Sure! When the day is over your rings will be finished. You will only need to leave them in case you want to record a message or want to incorporate an additional element, such as a gemstone.

  • How much time in advance shall we save our date?

Available dates are limited. So it is recommended to do it at least 2 weeks in advance.

If for any reason you decide to cancel the reservation, 60% of the amount paid will be returned, as long as the cancellation is made more than one month in advance.

  • Do we need to bring something to the workshop?

You don't need to bring anything special. It is only recommended to bring comfortable clothes, avoid long sleeves that can get caught, wear closed shoes and collect your hair if it is long; the rest we already have in the workshop for your use: apron, gloves, glasses and all the tools you need.

  • If we already have wedding rings, could we do something else in the workshop?

Of course! Some couples take advantage of the experience to renew their vows or to commemorate a special date. We can create jewelry depending on the occasion, they can be rings or other types of jewelry.

  • We would love for our wedding rings to be handmade, but we are not interested in making them ourselves. Can you do them?

Of course! You can choose from one of our collection rings or request a special design. We would love to make a unique pair of Wedding Rings for you!

  • I would like the workshop to be a wedding gift for a special couple, is it possible?

Of course! It is a great gift from godparents, siblings of the bride and groom, or close friends. If you want to gift the experience to the bride and groom, you can contact us to work out the details.