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Astrological bracelet
Astrological bracelet
Astrological bracelet
Astrological bracelet
Astrological bracelet
$19,700 MXN

Astrological bracelet


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"Superstitious fear of astrology turns people into automatons, slavishly dependent on a mechanical direction. The wise man defeats his planets, that is, his past, transferring his loyalty of creation to the Creator. The more aware you are of your unity with the Spirit, the less you will be dominated by matter. The soul is always free, is immortal... because it has no birth it cannot be ruled by the stars..." 🌟⠀ ⠀

"Then, dear Master, why do you want me to wear an astrological bracelet?"." ⠀

"Only when the traveler has reached the goal is it justified that he draw a map. During the trip, take advantage of any shortcuts that you find useful. [...] Long ago, the Yogis discovered that pure metals emit an astral light that has the power to counteract the negative attraction of the planets..." ⠀
This text was extracted from Paramahansa Yogandana's "Autobiography of a Yogi", on which we rely to manufacture these bracelets. Which combine gold, silver and copper in perfect balance (according to the teachings of the ancient masters), and represent the balance between spirit, mind and body. ⠀
10K Gold, Silver (.925) and Copper Interlaced Band Bracelet.