Cascade Pendant
Cascade Pendant
Cascade Pendant
Cascade Pendant
Cascade Pendant
Cascade Pendant
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Cascade Pendant

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The sound of the waterfall and the sublime aroma of the flowers was thought to represent the language of the heart and the connection of the earth with the divine.

This pendant captures poetry as it was conceived by our ancestors, as "flower and song" (in xóchitl, in cuícatl), by combining the organic forms of nature with one of the most exotic and coveted stones of nature: the ruby.

Sterling Silver (.925) pendant in vintage finish (with patina to highlight the details) and 1 oval African Ruby (4x6mm). 
Approximate Dimensions: 13 mm (width) x 22 mm (length) x 15 mm (depth).
You can add a chain necklace in the options. The photo chain is for illustrative purposes only, it may or may not be available in the options to choose from.

We have 5 finishes available for silver jewelry:

Shiny Silver - The most common to find in jewelry stores.

Vintage Silver - This finish accelerates the natural oxidation process of silver to
highlight textures, so it cannot be applied to rings with only smooth surfaces.

Black Silver - The black finish is temporary, since it begins to fall off on surfaces that touch the skin due to the ph of each person.

Important: Black Silver is only available in pieces without stones, since the chemical process that is needed to give them that finish could compromise the integrity of the gems.

The stones we use are natural, so each one is unique and unrepeatable. Variations in shape, color and brightness in relation to the photograph may occur.

In case you want to see the stone before it is mounted in your jewelry, contact the Ikcha team once your purchase is made, and we will gladly show you the available options.


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