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Product Care

Ikcha jewelry is made of Mexican sterling silver (.925). Mexico is today the leading producer of silver worldwide, one more reason to make sure to give you only the best silver.

Silver is a noble metal, which may darken over time in response to your Ph, perfumes, humidity or other factors. To keep always it brilliant is ideal to use your jewelry Ikcha as often as possible, so the brightness will last. Always apply perfumes or hairspray before you put on your jewelry.

Being a noble metal is also in its nature to reveal the marks of use (such as small scratches or cracks), giving history and value to your piece.


Washing: we recommend hand washing with warm water and mild detergent, do not let the piece dry soapy because it can stain. Immediately dry it with a hairdryer (and you'll help not scratch).

Silver with patina

The silver has been patinated to give prominence to a certain design or as part of the piece. Dark patinas that use Ikcha, come from acids that react with the metal. The white patinas are achieved by obtaining the color of "natural oxide" of the silver.

Is normal (due to wear and rub with common objects) that patina vanishes over time in areas exposed to friction.

To maintain the color of the patina, do not use abrasive cleaners or silver cleaners (they contain chemicals that dissolve the patina). Hand wash only with soap and warm water and dry with hair dryer. Do not use brushes or cloths to rub.

If you wish to renew the color of the pieces completely with black patina, contact us to give you DIY solutions.

Pleated gold

Gold pleated ikcha jewelry are made with 24K gold. Like the silver with patina, you should never rub, carve or apply chemical cleaners, as you would dispose of the gold layer that covers them. Hand wash only with soap and warm water and dry with hair dryer.

Other materials

If your jewel included dried moss, you must not wet it. If you do, it can lose its shape and appearance.

The embroideries are made with cotton thread and are safe for hand washing with warm water and soap.



Storing your pieces along with other jewelry could cause scratches, so it is best to always use the package accompanying your purchase. Do not forget to keep your jewel inside the packaging when you go traveling.