As Above Pendant

$ 2,800 

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That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below…

Our human existence reflects the universe, for everything is connected, and everything on earth has a correspondence on heaven. This pendant is a reminder of our connection amongst each other and with the universe itself…  

  • STERLING SILVER, with an oxidized patina that enhances the look on the silver.
  • You can choose from different length sizes in Sterling Silver chain or Goldfilled chain in the above menu (chain design may present slight variations).
  • Due to the artistic process implied into the manufacture of our jewelry, every piece is unique, therefore stone or patina may vary.

All our pieces are made by order; therefore, after receiving payment confirmation your piece will be ready to ship between 1 and 2 labor weeks.

If your size or product is available in stock, it will be sent in 3 labor days through the selected shipping method.

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[engagement_ring] - ikcha
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